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NDI Crest

The National Defence Initiative is a government agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence. The main role of the NDI is to provide planning and resources to defend against natural disasters and invasion of the Faedertellus. As part of this the NDI undertakes inspections of military fortifications and prepares contingency plans for future conflicts. Its secondary role is to assist the Ministry of Defence in natural disasters by establishing and preparing refuge zones.

Following the Evacuations many of the Diaspora Camps were originally established by the NDI. Which under the reformed Kingdom of Nova England has been re-established alongside the Ministry of Defence.

Departments & Organisation

Prior to the Evacuations and the Great Disaster the NDI was split between a number of different wards. Each of which would be responsible for the civil defence and upkeep of military defences within their region. However since the re-establishment of the Faedertellus the NDI has been focused on the single ward of the National Redoubt. Currently the NDI is split between the following sections each with their own areas of responsibility.

  • Wardens are responsible for local inspections in addition to the leadership, organisation, guidance and control of the public during a national/regional crisis.
  • Rescue Parties are required to assess and then access damaged buildings and retrieve injured or deceased persons.
  • Medical Services provide on the spot medical assistance and first aid posts.
  • NBC Decontamination Teams are responsible for the decontamination of buildings, roads, rail and other materials contaminated by Chemical or Biological attacks.
  • Report & Control form the command element of the NDI and are responsible for the flow of information and direction of the other sections.
  • Assistance are responsible for creating and planning Diaspora camps to assist Nova English citizens during a national or regional disaster/incident.
  • Inspectorate deal with the inspection of all civil and military defensive emplacements. They have the authority to instruct parish councils to undertake repair works to existing emplacements or the construction of new defensive works with MOD permission.

Uniforms & Insignia

Members of the National Defence Initiative, are not issued a formal uniform and instead utilise civilian clothing with them being identified by their white armbands displaying the NDI Crest.

Rank is indicated alongside the NDI Crest on the armband by Black Bars or Chevrons:

NDI C.png NDI CW.png NDI DCW.png NDI DW.png NDI PW.png NDI SW.png
Controller Chief Warden Deputy Chief Warden Divisional Warden Post Warden Senior Warden
2 Narrow over 1 broad 1 Narrow over 1 broad 1 Broad 3 Narrow 3 Chevrons 1 or 2 Chevrons