National-Centrist Party

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National-Centrist Party
Abbreviation NCP
Succeeded by Kuominliantang
Headquarters Government Square 17, Apollo City
Membership 2,287,120
Ideology Jingdaoese Nationalism
Market centralism
Emperor Worship
Political position Centre-right
Colours Dark red
Imperial Assembly (January 2016)
179 / 391
Imperial Assembly (March 2016)
248 / 391

The National-Centrist Party of the Rising Sun, often simply called National Centrist Party (and its members refereed to as National-Centrists) is a Jingdaoese party. Its ideology is Jingdaoese nationalism, market centralism and imperialism. It holds the most support among people who still support the old order and absolutist and autocratic habits of the Emperor. The Party also does not seem to see much benefit in the separation of Church and State and sees the Catologian religion as an uniting factor.

It's spiritual successor was the Kuominliantang (KLT).

January 2016 Manifesto


The Motherland, protected by the Goddess Germania who watches over us, must at all times prevail. This in no way means that ethnic groups within our borders should be suppressed. To the contrary, the autonomy of the several States allows our people's culture to blossom and in turn strengthen the foundations of the Empire.

The Emperor is the symbol of the Empire, its People and its values and must be honoured and respected by all.


The imperial and state governments have the duty to strengthen the economy of its people. Where needed, it must act by aiding the struggling (or invest in the establishment of new) economies and people. A minimum social safety net (in the form of food distribution and social housing)is part of this to avoid uprisings and social dissent.

Jingdaoese products must be promoted over foreign ones and taxes must be imposed on imported goods.


Our Empire faces internal weakness with the sudden disaster which killed billions of our citizens. Isolating ourselves from the rest of the world is, however, not the path we should follow. We must show that our Empire still stands strong and that the Sun, even after descending in the evening, rises higher than ever in the morning! Diplomatic contacts must be opened with other nations, trade ports (which in times of war can act as military bases for our fleet) must be established throughout the world and our prestige and influence must be raised, preferably by peaceful means.