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Imperial and Royal House of Waffel-Paine
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Emperor of the Natopians: Nathan, Nathaniel, Naian, Asara Sisu, Zakyyr, Nathan II
Kaiser of Shireroth: Ayreon II, Noor, Ayreon IV
Ruler of Elwynn: Nathan, Erion, Elijah, Nathaniel, Noah, Vilhjarm
Faro of Flaventia: Naian, Asara Sisu, Nathan II
Tsar of Klaasiya: Nathan, Ivo & Gwyneth, Zakyyr
Prince of Arboria: Erion
Queen of Goldshire: Noor
King of Uppland: Noah
King of the Elian Union: Noor, Ayreon IV

Founder: Nathan

Avatar: Nathan II

Nathan II

Full Name: Nathan Anders Aharsi Waffel-Paine of Drak
Alias Nathan, A.A., Anders


Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Flaventian
Hair Color and Style: Short, blond
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information

Father: Kyle Kilynn
Mother: Asara Sisu of Waffel-Paine
Date of Birth: 1644
Place of Birth: Anmutstadt, Flaventia
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Current Residence(s): Lindstrom, Natopia
Nationality at Birth: Natopian
Current Allegiance(s): Natopia
Occupation: Emperor of the Natopians, Faro of Flaventia

Nathan Anders Aharsi Waffel-Paine of Drak is the first-born son of Asara Sisu and Kyle Kilynn. Born on 18 Konil, 1644, in Anmutstadt, Flaventia. Through his mother he belongs to the House of Waffel-Paine and through his father he belongs to the Line of Drak. He was first in the line of succession to the throne of Natopia until a succession crisis allowed Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak to surpass him.

He is the current Faro of Flaventia.


Family Background

Nathan was born to Asara and Kyle in the Palace of Haas House in Anmutstadt. His birth was heralded as the true beginning of a new era for the people who lived on Yellow Island. Through his mother, Nathan had Mehl, Neemian, and Hazel ancestry; through his father he had Draconian ancestry. Therefore he and his younger sister, Clara, represent a true unification of the the major peoples of Flaventia.

Nathan and Clara experienced tragedy at a young age when Adam Ayreon-Kalirion murdered their mother. A succession crisis prevented the young Nathan from inheriting the Natopian throne from his mother, and was instead passed over to Nathan's cousin, Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak, who insisted he would only serve as emperor until Nathan came of age. Kyle, who had been appointed the Guardian of Flaventia, feared for his children's safety, and with assurances from High King Harald of Stormark, sent Nathan and Clara away to live in Stormark, as Asara did when she was young. While in Stormark, Nathan and his sister remained under the spiritual care of the Metrobosarch of Lyrica, Sergius Hergones.

On his 8th birthday, Nathan returned to Natopia and assumed his role as Emperor.

He was kidnapped, along with his regent, Christo Eucalyptos, causing a constitutional crisis that left Nathan's distant cousin, Vidar Ayreon-Kalirion, as the Regent of Natopia for a few years.

Full Titles

HIS MOST BOVIC MAJESTY NATHAN ANDERS AHARSI WAFFEL-PAINE, Emperor of the Natopians by the Loving Grace of the Butter Cow, Triumphal Defender of the Four Quarters, Lord of Tarsica, Grand Commander of the Natopian Defense Force; Faro of Flaventia, King of Ziegeland, Raja of Tas Neemia, Prince of Sororiya, Lord of Alrodey, Duke of Lochhatonia, Duke of New Dracoheim, Marquis of Lükanburg, Count-Elector of Mertfray, Count of Ynnraile, Count of Elivia, Lord Andelarion an der Neurändern, Lord in Jorvik; Avatar of the House of Waffel-Paine, Conqueror of Dracoheim, Uniter of the Demesnes, Protector of the Eternal Nation, Guardian of the Icons of the State, Grand Mayor of Lindstrom City, Wielder of the Sword of Sovereignty, Scourge of Lavalon; Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Transcendence of the Dhury


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Preceded by:
Zakyyr Moonoak
Emperor of the Natopians
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Asara Sisu
Faro of Flaventia
Succeeded by