Nasser I Akhman

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Nasser I Akhman
Násir I Akhmáno
1st Émprassi of Palesmenia
In office
1665 AN – 1678 AN
Monarch Himself
Prime Minister Zarni Thu
Preceded by position established
Succeeded by Ekitzer Akhman

Born 1610 AN
Té Kokir
Died 1678 AN
Royal Palace, Ábbad
Nationality Palesmenia Palesmenia
Occupation Émprassi of Palesmenia

Nasser I Akhman was the first monarch of Palesmenia until 1678 AN

Early Life

Early Reign

Nasser faced some heavy challenges during his early reign. Not even a month into his reign, early political and native violence in the south boiled over. However, with the appointment of skilled generals, he was able to bring the war to a close. He was also reluctant to introduce democracy to the nation after this war, but he finally caved in and created the Nadcraši. After this, he petitioned many wealthy landowners to build factories to increase the industrialization of the nation.

Later Reign and Death

Towards the end of his life, Nasser was seen by most as a weak ruler. This was due to the fact that he was sickly and bedridden (a fact kept secret from the public) after a series of seizures had essentially paralyzed him. He had written a series of letters to his 3 closest advisers, Prime Minister Zarni Thu, Defense Minister Thíno Wúlatet, and ET leader Máséko Ánzina about his condition, advising them to insure his son, Ekitzer, would ascend to the throne of Palesmenia after his death. All 3 parties agreed. Approximately 3 weeks after this agreement, Nasser finally passed away in his sleep.