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Gröpa Naldas bɏer Sanya Suportenen Fötbal
t Naldas logo.png
Naldas logo
Nickname t Naldas
Founded 2012
Type Supporters' group, Ultras group
Team Senya national football team
Motto Naldas til me mort
Naldas, until I die
Headquarters Svorgas, Senya
Stand t Verte Val
Colors Green and White

Gröpa Naldas bɏer Sanya Suportenen Fötbal (English: Naldas Group of Senyan Football Supporters, often abbreviated to t Naldas or Naldas) are the largest group of organized supporters of the Senya national football team. They are one of two major football fan groups supporting the team, and are the largest ultras group on Micras with around 75,000 members.


Naldas supporters during a World Cup qualifier against rivals North Antarctica in 2013.
Naldas supporters setting off smoke bombs during the 2016 Copa Apollonia semi-final.

Naldas are considered some of the loudest, yet least aggressive, football supporters on Micras. During tournaments such as the World Cup qualifiers and the Copa Apollonia, the supporters are known to become very vocal on match days, and it is not unusual for fans to stand for the duration of games, although with the introduction of the 40,000 person safe-standing area at t Verte Val stand in The Snakepit, this has become more common. Naldas usually wear green "morphsuits", occasionally with the team's shirt over the top, continuously chant in Senyan, and let-off flares. A leader chanting over a PA system used to be available at Revolution Road, though this is no longer used. These fans can make football matches in Senya intimidating places to visit for visiting supporters. However, after matches, Naldas will be happy to socialise with opposing fans. Rival supporters are treated less hospitably, but even during rival matches there is usually little violence between the fans.


Rougly 75,000 are members of the Naldas, who are officially awarded 55,000 tickets for each game. Members who missed out on tickets to the previous home fixture are automatically prioritised for the next home fixture. Failure to attend ten consecutive home games or attend less than 5 out of 20 home fixtures will lead to automatic expulsion from the group. However, membership is free. Although both genders may join, the Naldas is over 80% male.

Membership criteria

Because of the popularity of Naldas, entrance to the group is restricted by the group's leaders. To gain entry, one must be a Senyan national living in Senya who is aged 18 or above (though members can bring along up to two children aged 7 or above with prior agreement to games). One must also have no criminal conviction for class A or B crimes, subject to a footballing banning order, or been in prison in the past 18 months. Additionally, to apply, a member must have been to at least 10 Senya games (with one of the other supporter groups), and hold a pyro-license.


The Naldas, in conjunction with the Senyan National Police Force and FADESS mandate all supporters pass a pyrotechnical safety course. This course is one day long, and teaches fans how to use flares and other pyrotechnical devices safely. A pyro-license is issued upon passing the course and must be presented upon entrance to the stadium. The license is revoked if a person mishandles it or throws a lit pyrotechnical device either in the stadium or in the vicinity of the stadium.


Although it is rare, some people may be expelled from the Naldas. The reasons for this may be:

  • Failure to meet minimum attendence requirements
  • Loss of pyro-license
  • Moving abroad
  • Being subjected to a football banning order
  • Being sent to prison
  • Racist, sexist or homophobic language or behaviour
  • Being violent/Hooliganism


The Naldas liase with the other supporter groups of the national team, including the Komovoren, particuarly surrounding supporters issues and more extensive tifos and pyroshows. Naldas also liase with the ultras groups of club teams, due to a high number of members holding membership of club ultras too.

Internationally, Naldas have a brotherhood with Zeleni, the ultras group of the Kingdom of Coria's national team.