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NV Cup

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NV Cup
Countries New Vaduz New Vaduz
Confederation EMUFA
Founded 2008
Number of teams 2
Current champions FC New Vaduz
Most titles FC New Vaduz (8)
2020 NV Cup

The New Vaduz Cup, commonly known just as the NV Cup, is the premier football cup competition in New Vaduz, run by the NVFV. The cup involves the two New Vaduzian teams, which play a one-legged final to decide the winners.


The NV Cup was founded in October 2008, after the addition of FC New Vaduz and VB New Schaan to the Hamland Premier League, although the exact date is unknown, and the first final was played in November 2008.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
2008 VB New Schaan 3–2 FC New Vaduz
2009 FC New Vaduz 2–2 (a.e.t.)
5–4 (pens)
VB New Schaan
2010 VB New Schaan 4–2 FC New Vaduz
2011 FC New Vaduz 2–0 VB New Schaan
2012 VB New Schaan 2–1 FC New Vaduz
2013 VB New Schaan 3–0 FC New Vaduz
2014 FC New Vaduz 1–0 (a.e.t.) VB New Schaan
2015 FC New Vaduz 3–0 VB New Schaan
2016 FC New Vaduz 2–1 VB New Schaan
2017 FC New Vaduz 3–2 VB New Schaan
2018 VB New Schaan 2–0 FC New Vaduz
2019 FC New Vaduz 4–0 VB New Schaan
2020 FC New Vaduz 3–1 VB New Schaan

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