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North Antarctica NAFA
Logo of the NAFA
Founded 2011
Headquarters Livingston
FMF affiliation 2011
AEFA affiliation 2011–14
CTFA affiliation 2014–

The North Antarctic Football Association, more commonly referred to as the NAFA, is the governing body for association football in North Antarctica.

The NAFA governs the two professional Napian football leagues and the lone club cup competition, as well as the organization of the national team.


The NVMFA was created by Martin I soon after the founding of North Antarctica. It soon created the North Antarctica national football team and began running its first competition, the Napian Serie A. After a successful first season with the help of the Four Nations, the association created two new competitions, the Napian Serie B and its first club cup, the Napian Trophy, and added six new teams to the Serie A.

In 2014, the NVMFA became dormant, and the leagues and cup were cancelled. After North Antarctica was annexed by Mercury, the NVMFA was succeeded by the NAFA, and the competitions were restructured.


The NAFA is responsible for the organization of the following competitions:

The NAFA also is responsible for the organization of the North Antarctica national football team.