Mugdáhn Incident

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Mugdáhn Incident
Part of The Canopy Offensive
Chared remains of the village
Date November 12, 2018
Location Mugdáhn, Yanhatri, Palesmenia
Kkhahk.png Kampog'ye Armitká Trebós
Aaflag.png Yúbakhná Eriutá (Anti Akhman Paramilitary Force)
Palesmenijnamaksba Ligu'e Yanhatri
Casualties and losses
5 killed 7 killed, 1 missing
273 civilians killed

The Mugdáhn Incident was a massacre of the population of the village of Mugdáhn within southern Palesmenia.


The Battle

On November 10th, a small battle was fought just outside of the village within a couple of agricultural plots by members of the Palesmenijnamaksba, a regional militia in the south, against the KAT backed Yúbakhná Eriutá, an Anti-Akhman paramilitary group. The battle ended with only minimal loses on both sides.

The Massacre

After the battle, the Yúbakhná Eriutá demanded access through the village. The locals swiftly refused, fearing what might happen if the Palesmenijnamaksba found out that they let them through. The YE then forcefully marched through the village and began to kill every civilian they saw. They began to bust down the doors of houses, filling those inside with bloody holes. Determined to leave no evidence behind, they began to burn down the village. In all, 273 of all 306 inhabitants of the village were murdered.


Governmental Response

The Nadcraši reacted with upmost shock and disgust. Prime Minister Váshir Léon commented "The swiftest action shall be taken to destroy these poor excuses for humans off the face of the planet."

Military Response

Upon hearing of the massacre, the chairman of the army, Sein Win Htet, ordered the bombing of rebel held areas of the south. He was quoted on saying "Show those bastards no mercy! Mark my words, they will be thin paste by the end of this!"

KKHAHK Response

Although the KKHAHK funded and supported the YE, they were not so fond of the fact of that nearly 90% of the villages' population was murdered and burned in process.