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Ffederasiwn Tiriogaethol Morwlad
Morwlad flag.png
Coat of Arms
Capital Caer Agra (administrative)
Largest cities Port Impregnable, Port Arenas
Anthem none
Demonym Morwr
 - Adjective Morwladaidd
Area N/A
 - Ranked 2nd
Population 315,000
 - Ranked 3rd
Governor Lord Thomas Roberts
Abbreviation MOR

The Territorial Federation of Morwlad is a province of Calbion that consists of several unincorporated territories of the nation that have a significant amount of autonomy.


The Territorial Federation of Morwlad has its own assembly, the Territiorial Assembly, which has legislative powers on internal matters. As such, Morwlad is not represented in the National Assembly. The territories are governed by a viceroy, or rhaglaw.


The four territories of Morwlad are as follows:

Flag Territory Capital Population Rhaglaw
Port Moorland Port Moorland Newydd Llysthur 25,000 Huw Rivers
Port Impregnable Port Impregnable Port Impregnable 34,000 George Hardy
Y Dwyrain Y Dwyrain Caer Agra 215,000 Rhys Morstan
Ynys Corrach Ynys Corrach Port Arenas 181,000 Owain Veron