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Prince Montgomery Wythe, born at Raynor's Keep, 1589, is a Shirerithian nobleman. Duke of Goldshire 1591–1594. The eldest son of Kaiser Wythe, Montgomery inherited his father's estate and titles upon the untimely death of the father in 1591. As a two-year-old duke, his government was conducted by a regency. The regency was so ineffective that imperial rule was set on Goldshire in 1594 whereupon Montgomery lost the title Duke of Goldshire; he was therafter titled Count of Elsenar until 1633 when the title was given to King Noah. He was nonetheless titled Prince as the son of a former kaiser. He was educated at the Wendor School, and as an adult, he devoted himself to managing the family estate. In 1673, during the Kalirion Fracture, he left Goldshire, disagreeing with the formation of Ransenar, and moved to Shirekeep, where he continues to reside. He lives in the household of his nephew, the Steward Lord Holly-Wythe.

Rumoured to be asexual, he has never married and remains childless.


  • 1589–1591: His Imperial Highness The Prince Montgomery of Shireroth
  • 1591–1594: His Grace Prince Montgomery, the Duke of Goldshire, 4th Earl of Elsenar
  • 1594–1633: His Grace Prince Montgomery, the Count of Elsenar
  • 1633–present: Prince Montgomery Wythe
Preceded by:
Johnathan Nelson Wythe II
Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by
Imperial Rule