Momiji Class Orbital Destroyer

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Momiji Class Orbital Destroyer
Type: Orbital Destroyer
Place of origin: Passio-Corum

In service: 36.77 PSSC-Present
Used by:
In service: 6.51

Designed: 36.50 - 36.77 PSSC
Manufacturer: Shirley Stock Fund

Displacement: Classified
Length: 200m
Beam: 14.62m
Draught: -
Speed: Classified
Complement: 900-1700
  • 2 x Forward Plasma Cannons
  • 8 x ASAT Missiles
  • 24 x Laser Turret Clusters
  • 24 × 20 mm/70 cal anti-aircraft cannons
  • 2 × 20 mm/76 cal Phalanx CIWS
  • Navigational Sensors
  • Reconnaissance Radar
  • 1 x Primary Energy Dispersal Shield Generator
  • 2 x Auxiliary Energy Dispersal Shield Generator
  • 2 x Impulse Thruster
  • 2 x Hazelrigg Displacement Accelerators
Cost: Misc.

Designed and constructed using a Natopian technology provided to the Shirley Stock Fund by Professor Hazelrigg, a deeply troubled Natopian physicist who defected to Passio-Corum during the War of Lost Brothers, the Momiji Class Orbital Destroyer represents the first major foray of the Pallisican military industrial complex into the realm of weaponised space technology.