Mishalanski Party for Democratic Socialism

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The Mishalanski Party for Democratic Socialism (MPDS) (Mishalanese: Мишаланская партия за демократический социализм, Mishalanskaya partiya za demokraticheskiy sotsializm; North Amokolian: Misjalanese partië für demokratise sosializme), sometimes translated as the Mishalanski Party of Democratic Socialism, is a democratic socialist, formerly communist party, active in the historical region of Mishalan, that is Elwynn (particularly in Elwynnese Mishalan), the Unified Governorates (Severnaya Gubernya), and West Amokolia. Known as the Communist Party of Mishalan 1631–1650, it was during this period the governing and sole official party in the imperial dominion of Mishalan. In 1650, after many among the leadership was arrested following the establishment of Shirerithian direct rule on the dominion, the party was reformed to a democratic socialist party catering for the Mishalanese population. Although officially in favour of Amokolian reunification, it has toned down those rhetorics in later years, with the latest capitulation on the issue occurring in 1674. In Elwynn, the MPDS has had an electoral alliance with the Amokolian Freedom Front until 1683, in which neither party stood against the other. Thereafter, it joined the Democratic Socialist Workers' Coalition.

It is an observer member of the Micras Socialist International.

The party is technically illegal in United Governorates, where Benacia Command Directive 1673/D7/002 stipulates that the only two organisations permitted to organise and engage in political activities are the Nationalist & Humanist Party and Coalition 1660.