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Ministry of Truth

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Tianchao Jingdao
Emblem of the Grand Secretariat.png

Constitution of the Empire

Emblem Household.png Heavenly Light

The Chidao Emperor

Imperial Household | Imperial Stewardship

Teachings of the Empire
Tianchaodao | Jingbuist Absolutism | Chidaoism

Emblem of the Grand Secretariat.png Grand Secretariat

Emblem Diwang.png Diwang

Ministries & Secretariats:

Ministry of Truth | Ministry of Purity | Ministry of Stability

Chao Suweiai formerly known as National Diet

Gong Suweiai | Sifang Suweiai

Defunct: Emblem Seanad.png The Seanad | The Imperial Yuan Emblem Yuan.png

Political Factions:

Guanchang | Kantai-ha (Navy) | Gunbatsu (Army) | Shanghu (Traders)

Defunct:Kuominliantang logo.png Kuominliantang | Nokarodo logo.png Nokarodo Faction | Badao logo.png Badao Party

Other institutions

Tianchao Chuandui | Imperial Armed Forces | Young Wandering Society | Tegong


The Great Ministry of Truth, or Dabu Dao in Jingdaoese, is one of the three branches of the delegated executive power in the Jingdaoese Empire and is lead by a Great Minister or Dalang in Jingdaoese. The Great Ministry of Truth is responsible for providing information to the population that conforms to the standards of the state. This means the information needs to be both correct and contribute to an orderly society. In order to be able to answer all of the challenges that the empire faces, the great ministry is divided into several departments.

Department of Rites

The Department of Rites, or Bu Fashi in Jingdaoese, provides guidelines for rituals and oversees their correct performance.

Department of Censorship

The Department of Censorship, or Bu Shencha in Jingdaoese, provides guidelines for the lawful press and tracks down illegal media.

Department of Education

The Department of Education or Bu Jiaoyu is responsible for organising the nation's education system.

Department of the Information Wall

The Department of the Information Wall or Bu Xinxiguo in Jingdaoese is responsible for preventing foreign information from reaching Jingdaoese ears and eyes. One of the ways it does this is by jamming radio signals from foreign broadcasters and by confiscating devices capable of receiving illegal signals.

Great ministers

Period Portrait Name Note
1659 - 1668 Placeholder.png Zhong Yin
1669 - 1678 Placeholder.png Yan Duzhe