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Named in honor of the late Duchess Mina, who ruled Passas as queen until her abdication in 731 WG, this city is home to most of the nation’s wealthiest individuals, Madame Lye, Overseer of the New Zimia Stock Fund, who was once widely believed to be the favorite mistress of King Lucien IV, and who was believed to hold significant sway with Queen Evahn I. Mina’s population is more diverse than the nation’s other cities; around one-third of the city’s residents are second and third generation immigrants from Passas, one-half of residents are first and second generation Haifan immigrants (mostly from the Wallis Islands), while the remaining 12% of residents are first generation immigrants from other areas of the Commonwealth of Hamland, such as New Kirrie and Hammish Monovia.

While much of the city’s wealth was brought here by immigrants, the local economy is sustained by a constant influx of tourists, who come here on the basis of the claim that the city is wildly haunted. Indeed, stories have long persisted, even amongst the region’s native Sandum inhabitants, that this stretch of the coastline is home to an ancient, fallen god, who out of bitterness of soul summons spirits and ghouls to terrify the people who live here. These ghostly legends serve to attract many very spiritual, very mystical practitioners of the Pallisican religion, who come here to visit the ruins of the Sandum city of Sokleidpo, in hopes that they might gain access to the highly revered Inner World. During those periods of the year when tourists and pilgrims are less abundant, locals earn a living via the production of spices.