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Military of Ransenar

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The military of Ransenar is called the Royal Ransenari Armed Forces (RRAF).

Comprised of 390,891 personnel, the RRAF is composed of the following branches of service, each with its own organic dedicated air support element:

Paramilitary and Militia

The Government of Ransenar, by Royal Decree, occasionally will grant special "national defense licenses" to legally constituted paramilitary and guerilla groups that have special legal privileges to participate in the defense of Ransenar.

These special "national defense licenses" are hard to obtain. None have been issues since the founding of the Kingdom. In effect, they are limited to the existing paramilitary and guerilla groups as follows:

  • Golden Order Militia;
  • Ransenari Fury;
  • Shining Path of Order;
  • The Army of the House of Aldric;
  • The Army of the Elwynn;
  • ESB-Jagdverbände Grobba.

Captaincy of the Three Ports

See also

  • RD-III - Royal Decree that established the military of Ransenar.