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* Altusian Era
* Formation of military
* Legislation
* Recruitment, conscription banned

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Military of Alduria
The Aldurian War Banner (1673)
Country Alduria
Founded 1670 AN
Branches Aldurian Army,
Aldurian Navy,
Aldurian Air Force,
Aldurian Coast Guard,
Aldurian Border Guard,
Aldurian Support Services
Headquarters The Citadel, Punta Santiago
President of Alduria Alejandro Campos
Secretary of Defense Adrian Gonzales
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff César Puig
Military age 18–65 years old
Conscription Banned by the Constitution of Alduria
Available for military service 6,979,130, age 18-65
Fit for military service 5,583,304
Reaching military age annually 459,004‬
Active personnel 278,198 (1671)
Reserve personnel 1,233,987 (1673)
Deployed personnel 38,243+ (1673)
Domestic suppliers
Foreign suppliers


  • Altusian Era
  • Formation of military
  • Legislation
  • Recruitment, conscription banned


Organization and Service Branches

Aldurian Army

Aldurian Navy

Aldurian Marines

Aldurian Air Force

Aldurian Coast Guard

Aldurian Border Guard

Aldurian Support Services


Aldurian National Defense University

Aldurian Army Academy

Naval Academy of the Republic



Integrated Aerospace Defense System

Integrated Undersea Surveillance System

Research and Development

Agency for Defense Development

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