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Military of Alduria

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Military of Alduria
The Aldurian War Banner (1673)
Country Alduria
Founded 1670 AN
Branches Aldurian Army,
Aldurian Navy,
Aldurian Air Force,
Aldurian Coast Guard,
Aldurian Border Guard,
Aldurian Support Services
Headquarters The Citadel, Punta Santiago
President of Alduria Alejandro Campos
Secretary of Defense Adrian Gonzales
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff César Puig
Military age 18–65 years old
Conscription Banned by the Constitution of Alduria
Available for military service 6,979,130, age 18-65
Fit for military service 5,583,304
Reaching military age annually 559,004‬
Active personnel 378,198 (1671)
Reserve personnel 1,233,987 (1673)
Deployed personnel 38,243+ (1673)
Domestic suppliers
Foreign suppliers

The Aldurian Armed Forces encompass the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Border Guard, and the Support Services. The President of Alduria heads the armed forces as Commander in Chief. The President forms military policy with the Prime Minister and the Department of Defense, a national executive department acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out.

After the terrorist attack on Corrada del Rio that sparked the West Baatharzi War, the Aldurian Parliament passed the National Defense Authorization Act, 1674 (also known as the NDAA 1674). NDAA 1674 spent a total of A€ 210 billion in an effort "further develop the armed forces of the Republic of Alduria". Since 1674 AN, the Republic of Alduria has sustained high military spending in an effort to build a strong, agile, and modern.


  • Altusian Era
  • Formation of military
  • Legislation
  • Recruitment, conscription banned


The head of the Aldurian armed forces is the President of the Republic, in his role as Commander in Chief. However, the Constitution puts civil and military government forces at the disposal of the Government (the executive cabinet of ministers chaired by the Prime Minister, who are not necessarily of the same political side as the president).

The Department of Defense oversees the military's funding, procurement, and operations. Prior to the adoption of the Constitution, Alduria relied a great deal on conscription to provide manpower for its military forces, in addition to a minority of professional career soldiers. During heated debates in the Constituent Assembly, libertarian, socialist, and some conservative factions successfully teamed up to ensure that a ban on conscription was included in the Constitution.

As of 1684, the Aldurian Armed Forces have total manpower of 589,015‬, and active personnel of 212,000.

It breaks down as follows:

The Aldurian reserve element is composed of two parts: the Operational Reserve and the Citizens Reserve. As of 1673 AN, the strength of the Operational Reserve is 658,200, and the Citizens Reserve is 575,787‬.

Organization and Service Branches

Aldurian Army

Main article: Aldurian Army

  • Aldurian Special Forces
  • Airborne Units (Paratroopers)
  • Infantry
  • Armored Cavalry
  • Artillery
  • Army Light Aviation
  • Engineers
  • Signals
  • Intelligence

Aldurian Navy

Main article: Aldurian Navy

  • Naval Action Force
  • Submarine Force
  • Naval Air
  • Aldurian Marines
  • Engineers
  • Signals
  • Intelligence
  • Integrated Undersea Surveillance System

Aldurian Marines

  • Marine Infantry
  • Light Cavalry
  • Naval Parachute Units (Paratroopers)
  • Artillery
  • Special Forces

Aldurian Air Force

Main article: Aldurian Air Force

  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Territorial Air Defense
  • Integrated Aerospace Defense System
  • Air Force Airborne Units (Paratroopers)
  • Special Forces
  • Air Force Infantry

Aldurian Coast Guard

The Aldurian Coast Guard is articulated in 8 groupings and 27 companies. Each company has brigades of research, brigades of littoral monitoring, security and monitoring of environmentally protected zones, intelligence, communications, patrol craft, and coastal high-speed motorboats of maritime surveillance. The geographical distribution is as follows:

  • Nueva Geneva Group (2 companies);
  • Alkhiva Group (4 companies);
  • Santa Paula Group (3 companies);
  • Corrada del Rio Riverine Group (4 companies);
  • Punta Santiago Group (6 companies);
  • Fontainebleau Group (4 companies);
  • Valenciana Group (2 companies);
  • Valladares Group (2 companies).

Aldurian Border Guard

Aldurian Support Services

  • Engineers
  • Signals
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Supply
  • Intelligence


Aldurian National Defense University

The Aldurian National Defense University (ANDU) is an institution of higher education funded by the Department of Defense. It is intended to facilitate high-level training, education, and the development of national security strategy. It is located on the grounds of Fort Garzan in Narbonne.

Aldurian Army Academy

Naval Academy of the Republic



Aircraft Origin Type Image In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
F-8 Shrike Shireroth fighter F-8M.png 12 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
FA-9A Banshee Talenore fighter (single-seat Multirole) FA9 Banshee.png 23 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
FA-9B Banshee Talenore fighter (Two-seat trainer/Multirole) 3 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
C-11 Mula Alduria transport C-11 Mula.png 184 In service from 1676 AN onwards
MCJ100 Talenore transport/reconnaissance 1 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
UH-123 Hawk Talenore utility 10 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
UH-500 Protector Talenore light attack / scout 4 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
Trainer Aircraft
T-4 Flecha Alduria light attack aircraft / trainer T-4 Flecha Alduria.png 985 In service from 1676 AN onwards
TP-5 Alpha Shireroth jet trainer 26 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Caputia-class helicopter cruiser Alduria ESB Susa, Susa Helicopter-cruiser 2 200px In service from 1679 AN.
Patrol Vessels
Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette Constancia Akeraiótita Dockyards, Aqaba Corvette 3 Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673.
Melusine-class Missile Boat Constancia Akeraiótita Dockyards, Aqaba Missile attack craft 20 Melusine-class fast attack missile boat.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673.
Type XXV U-Boat Sanama Port Niyi Shipyards, Port Niyi Submarine 14 Awake submarine.png In service from 1679 AN.
Logistic Support Vessel Sathrati Amity Shipyards, Erudition Logistic support ship 5 Gravcarrier.png Released from Allied Production Matrix1685 AN.
Auxiliary Cruisers, no-standard type Alduria ESB Susa, Susa Auxiliary cruiser 28 Local conversions made from 1676 AN onward.
Landing Ship, Tank, no-standard type Alduria ESB Susa, Susa Landing ship 6 Local conversions made from 1676 AN onward.
Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship Unified Governorates Rothaven Boatyards, Lachmeren Troop landing ship 20 Released from Allied Production Matrix1685 AN.

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Knives, Grenades, Miscellaneous Implements
Pistols / Carbines / Rifles
M1525 9 mm Pistol Natopia Sårensby Arsenal, Elijah's Rest Pistol 40,000 M1523 9mm Pistol.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674.
M1581 7.62 mm Machine Carbine Natopia Sårensby Arsenal, Elijah's Rest Carbine 60,000 M1581 7.62mm Machine Carbine.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674.
M1591 7.62 mm Rifle Natopia Sårensby Arsenal, Elijah's Rest Marksman Rifle 60,000 M1591 7.62 mm Rifle.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674.
M1656 9 mm SMG Natopia Sårensby Arsenal, Elijah's Rest Submachine Gun 200,000 M1656 SMG.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674.
Machine Guns
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG Natopia Sårensby Arsenal, Elijah's Rest Heavy Machine Gun 20,000 Polybolos .50 HMG.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674.


Integrated Aerospace Defense System

The Integrated Aerospace Defense System (IADS) is a part of the Aldurian armed forces that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and protection for Alduria. The commander and deputy commander are, respectively, a four-star general and a three-star general respectively. The IADS contains long-range surveillance radars and regularly provides communication and radar data to both civilian and military aviation control centers throughout Alduria.

Integrated Undersea Surveillance System

The Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) is a chain of underwater listening posts located around Alduria's territorial waters. It was later supplemented by mobile assets that could be deployed by the Aldurian Navy. These listening posts are fixed, mobile, and/or deployable acoustic arrays that provide vital information about submarines both nuclear and diesel. The program has emphasizes a smaller force that is effective against modern diesel and nuclear submarines in regional/littoral or broad ocean areas of interest. Work stations, enhanced signal processing, and modern communication technologies enable remote array monitoring.

Research and Development

Agency for Defense Development

The Agency for Defense Development is an agency of the Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the Aldurian military. By collaborating with academic, industry, and government partners, the ADD formulates and executes research and development projects to expand the frontiers of technology and science, often beyond immediate Aldurian military requirements. Projects funded by the ADD have provided significant technologies that influenced many non-military fields in Alduria, such as information technology, aviation, and space transport. ADD is independent of other military research and development and reports directly to senior Department of Defense management.

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