Military Decoration 2nd Class

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Military Decoration 2nd Class
Riband of the Military Decoration 2nd Class
Awarded by His Royal Majesty
Type Distinguished Service Medal
Eligibility Members of the Royal Army and Royal Navy.
Awarded for Distinguished military service
Status Active
Established March 16, 2004
First awarded 2004
Last awarded 2006
Total awarded 15
Recipients 15
Decoration/Medal Precedence
Next (higher) Colonial Distinguished Service Medal
Next (lower) Aceso Cross
Related Military Decoration 1st Class
Medallion of the Military Decoration 2nd Class

The Military Decoration 2nd Class was established by HRM King August Charles II in 2004. The medal is awarded to recognize a Gotzer's distinguished service during the course of his or her employment as a member of the Royal Army or the Royal Navy.


Notable recipients

Name Year awarded
HH Prince Ryan 2004
The Duke of Altamore 2004
Sir Hamlin Hannibal Harte 2004
Sir Michael Square-Makonnen 2004
Franz Caprivi 2004
Dante Havenstone 2004
George Santos 2004
HH Prince Steven 2005
The Grand Duke of Markham 2005
The Count of Montrose 2005
Sir Benjamin Farzan 2006
Sir Hugh O'Neill 2006
Augusto Benavides 2006
John Cervantes 2006
Charles de Montford 2006