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The Microvision Song Contest, previously officially titled and still normally referred to solely as Microvision, is a musical competition among micronations. Nations submit songs, which can either be preexisting or composed purely for the contest, primarily in video format, to which the other competing nations award incremental points based on popularity, with the highest scoring nation winning and gaining the right to host the following edition. Contests are often given overall themes to which nations' submitted songs should adhere.

The competition's inspiration is the Eurovision Song Contest, from which it mirrors a number of format and procedural aspects.


Microvision was started in 2006 by micronationalists Hieu and Dr-Spangle. The competition's traditional format saw multiple editions hosted per calendar year, averaging a competition approximately every three months in a period of just under three years between mid-2006 and mid-2009. Following the abandoned July 2009 contest, the competition took a hiatus until 2013, when the citizens of Flanders organised a new competition with a minor re-branding; forming the current official Microvision Song Contest name. Following this rebirth of the contest, editions have been held on an annual basis since 2013's, barring missing 2017.

List of competitions

Due to a loss of records, some identities of winning songs are unknown.

Contest Host city Winner Song Performer Points
August 2006 New-Empire Jupiter New Brittania New Brittania "The Boys of Summer" Don Henley 20
October 2006 New Brittania Willow New-Empire New-Empire 21
December 2006 New-Empire Jupiter New Brittania New Brittania 20
February 2007 Númenor Willow Houland Houland "Don't Stop Me Now" Queen 27
April 2007 Houland Modbury New-Empire New-Empire 21
June 2007 New-Empire Jupiter New Brittania New Brittania "Acceptable in the 80s" Calvin Harris 28
August 2007 New Brittania Willow New Brittania New Brittania "Fluorescent Adolescent" Arctic Monkeys 27
October 2007 Craitland Cherry Trees[A] Bobalania Bobalania "Worried About Ray" The Hoosiers 21
December 2007 Bobalania City of Bobalania Interland Interland "Nemo" Nightwish 23
March 2008 Interland Novograd Bobalania Bobalania "The Battle of Evermore" Led Zeppelin 25
June 2008 Bobalania City of Bobalania Craitland Craitland "All Along the Watchtower" The Jimi Hendrix Experience 26
September 2008 Craitland Cherry Trees Britannia Britannic Empire "Ordinary World" Duran Duran 23
January 2009 Craitland Cherry Trees[B] Antica Antica "Jai Ho" A. R. Rahman 27
April 2009 Antica Nafticon Interland Interland "I'll Be There for You" The Rembrandts 23
July 2009 Interland Novograd Contest abandoned[C]
2013 Flanders Bruswerpen[D] Mercury Mercury "The Show Must Go On" Queen 35
2014 Mercury Tow Law Senya Senya "Fánar Burtur Brandaljóð" Týr 37
2015 Senya Svorgas Natopia Natopia "Gay Pirates" Cosmo Jarvis 76
2016 Natopia Lindström Greater Walstadt Greater Walstadt "Vulgaris Magistralis" Normaal 52
2018 Craitland Cherry Trees[E] Senya Senya "Fifty Four" Deaf Havana 73
2019 Senya Svorgas Shireroth Shireroth "Viva la Vida" Coldplay 100
  1. ^ A Having hosted three editions in the previous year, New Brittania forwent hosting again and Craitland was handed hosting rights.
  2. ^ B Following the disbandment of the previous winning nation, the Britannic Empire, runner-up Craitland was handed hosting rights.
  3. ^ C The contest was abandoned following a prolonged period with insufficient point allocations received.
  4. ^ D With no previous winning nation, Flanders was handed hosting rights after reorganising the contest as a whole.
  5. ^ E Having failed to organise a contest in 2017, previous winning nation Greater Walstadt was stripped of hosting rights and runner-up Craitland was handed hosting rights for 2018.