Micrasian Armenians

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Micrasian Armenians
Flag of the Armenian people
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Krasnarus 184,963 (2019)
Norrland 42,000 (2019)
Jingdao 32,317 (2018)
Phinbella 10,000
Coria 1,000+
Šlovedk, Armenian
Armenian Apostolic Church

The term Micrasian Armenians refers to a group of ethnic Armenians originating from the Caucasus region on Terra. The current community is mainly located in Krasnarus. Most Armenians came to Micras as a working trade and business class, almost all of which settled in the Albion region, an important area of international trade. There is a significant community in the Lordship of Jerevan within Norrland, and an unknown number within the former lands of Matbaa and the current nations occupying the latter.


The earliest known record of Armenians on Micras was in 2007, where a community existed in Matbaa, centered around their capital of the same name. One of the primary languages spoken within the nation was Armenian. It is unclear what has become of the Armenians from these migrations.

In 2016, a large wave of Armenians came to the unincorporated territory of Albion in order to revive it. This later became Krasnarus.


According to June 2019 Krasnarusyn estimates, their population numbered 184,963, but unofficial estimates for total numbers range as high as 220,000 in the country. Armenians are one of only 4 ethnic groups that has a per capita income of above Cr5,000, at Cr6,931. They also have one of the highest rates of tertiary educational attainment in the country, with 20.3% of the adult population over 22 years of age having at least a bachelor's degree. About 26 percent of individuals were living below the national poverty line. In 2018, 32,000 Armenians were forcefully deported from Krasnarus due to demands from Coria during the Krasnocorian merger. They gained refugee status in nearby Jingdao, where they now live.


There are Armenians living in Norrland.

Notable Diaspora populations


  1. Albion (145,750)
  2. Sylvania (15,945)
  3. Paribian Isles (5,807)
  4. Phedodah (1,590)