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|[[Raspur Khanate]], a protectorate, was a member.
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Micras Treaty Organisation
Micras Verdragsorganisatie
Flag of MTO
Emblem of MTO
Location of MTO
Headquarters Tymaria City
Official language(s) English
Type Intergovernmental organization
 - Secretary-General Marco Lungo (Natopia)
 - Deputy Secretary-General Mothbert Dolornot Twiddle Kalgachia
 - Main assembly General Assembly
Establishment 25th December, 2008 (3429 ASC)
Membership 14 member states

(of 48 MCS-nations [1])

National website NA
National forum Forum

The Micras Treaty Organisation (MTO) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation between the nations on Micras. It was originally established as a pro-Shirerithian organisation under the name Small Commonwealth [2] on 25 December 2008 but transformed very quickly into a broader discussion platform between states which were sometimes even enemies.

The MTO is not a merger, nor a monolithic organization, nor an attempt at creating a micronational bloc. Member nations are not required to recognize or even be on friendly terms with other nation, nor are they required to interact with other member nation if they do not desire to do so.

The Pillar of the Organisation

The Small Commonwealth is an inter-micronational organization comprised of various member nations and numerous treaties. The core treaty is the Treaty of General Membership to the Micras Treaty Organization which established the Organisation and the basics like the office of Secretary-General and the General Assembly. All other components of the MTO are purely optional, and member nations can pick and choose which treaties they choose to sign.

Member nations signing the core treaty relinquish no sovereignty or authority, nor gain any advantages in the MTO other then a seat in the General Assembly.

Languages and symbols

The official language of the MTO is English, as it is the official language of most member states. Dutch played a minor role - with even some of the treaties being translated into it - in the starting period of the organisation but with the demise of Batavia its influence diminished.

The MTO doesn't have any official symbols. In the beginning a tree was used, but eventually - because of its strong connection with Malarbor / Shireroth - it never became widespread.

Principal organs

The Secretariat

The organisation's day to day operations are headed and overseen by a Secretary-General, which is a permanent position once appointed by the General Assembly. The Secretary-General also oversees the General Assembly.

There is also a Deputy Secretary-General, who is be vested with the responsibility of assisting the Secretary-General. The Deputy Secretary-General is elected by the General Assembly and has the task to - should the Secretary-General be unavailable or unable to fulfil the duties of the office - exercise the duties of the Secretary-General, until the return of the Secretary-General, or until such time that the Secretary-General is able to resume exercising the duties and powers of his office. The Deputy Secretary may be recalled by a simple majority of the General Assembly.

List of powers of the Secretary-General

The specific powers of the Secretary-General are:

  • declare votes passed or failed,
  • remind representatives of proper procedure,
  • set temporary voting and debate procedures to last in emergencies until cancelled by 1/4 of the Assembly at any time,
  • keep debate relevant to the topic,
  • serve as spokesman for the Micras Treaty Organization but not for its members,
  • command (or officially appoint a commander) official MTO missions,
  • delivering an official MTO Opinion to the greater micronational community,
  • moderate the MTO's online forums

List of Secretary-Generals

The current Secretary-General is Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, formerly of the Empire of Alexandria, now of the Free and Associative Kingdom of Constancia (appointed on 30 March 2015 [2]).

The current Deputy Secretary-General of the Micras Treaty Organization is Erwin V.H. of the Republic of Flanders (appointed on 2 May 2015 [3]).

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main deliberative assembly. All member nations may send one representative to the General Assembly, which discuss treaties, and attempt to arbitrate between member states (which sometimes generates larger problems).

List of powers of the Assembly

The General Assembly has the power to:

  • hold a vote of no confidence and remove the current Secretary-General and elect a new one,
  • to appoint mediators and arbitrators at the request of any member nation,
  • to serve as discussion platform for nations

List of current representatives

List of Treaties

  • Treaty of General Membership to the Micras Treaty Organization
    • Only treaty that has to be signed by member nations. Approval of the seated members is necessary.
  • Small Convention on Forum Based Weapons
    • Natopia, Shireroth, Flanders, Jingdao
  • Small Treaty of Non-Aggression
    • Natopia, Shireroth, Flanders, Jingdao
  • The Small, Rational Mutual Defense Treaty
  • Convention on the Establishment of a Commonwealth Court
  • Micras Intellectual Property Protection Act (MIPPA)
    • Natopia, Shireroth
  • Treaty to Establish the Intermicronational Commission
    • Alexandria, Natopia
  • Convention on the Laws of the Seas
    • Natopia, Shireroth


Nations wishing to join the organization must be approved by the General Assembly with at least a 1/3rd plurality. If rejected, a nation can reapply in 3 months. Member states can also be expelled from the organization by the General Assembly with a 3/4th (75.0%) majority. This has, however, never happened in the history of the organisation.


Country Current Member Former Member Notes
Alduria Alduria
Alperkin Alperkin
Alrig Alrig
Amokolia Amokolia Previous incarnations and protector states of Amokolia were members.
Arcadia Arcadia Calbion, a constituent country, was a member. Maraguo was also a member.
Batavia Batavia
Beneluccas Beneluccas
Birgeshir Birgeshir
Constancia Constancia Raspur Khanate, a protectorate, was a member.
Craitland Craitland
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan Was part of Shireroth.
Çeridgul Çeridgul
Eklesia Eklesia
Elwynn Elwynn Was part of Shireroth joined as independent Elwynn. Rejoined Shireroth. Rejoined MTO as independent.
Florian Republic Florian Republic
Freeland Freeland
Goëtia Goëtia
Guttuli Protectorate Guttuli Protectorate Was part of Shireroth.
Helderbourgh Helderbourgh
Hoenn Hoenn
Imperial Trade Union Imperial Trade Union Renounced membership in protest of a Natopian citizen being elected as Secretary General.
Inner Benacia Inner Benacia Membership application was opposed by Kalgachia, Floria, and Constancia; Inner Benacia withdrew application.
Iron Cult Iron Cult
Jingdao Jingdao Renounced membership in protest of a Natopian citizen being elected as Secretary General.
Juclandia Juclandia
Kalgachia Kalgachia
Kasterburg Kasterburg
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria
Lostisland Lostisland
Mercury Mercury
Natopia Natopia
Norrland Norrland
Nova England Nova England
Palesmenia Palesmenia
Phinbella Phinbella
Phokland Phokland
Réunion Réunion
Saint-Antoine Saint-Antoine
Sanama Sanama Former member as Sanilla. Was part of Shireroth.
Senya Senya
Shireroth Shireroth
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation Was part of Shireroth.
Srbozemska Srbozemska
Stormark Stormark
Tellia Tellia
Thracistan Thracistan
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Was part of Shireroth.
Vi'Ix Vi'Ix
Xang Muang Xang Muang

Defunct Nations that were Members



  1. ^ As of 06/14/2018 there were 28 nations on the map.
  2. ^ The idea of a Shirithian Commonwealth of Nations existed since 6 October 2008 [1], but the proposed treaty was soon revised for a less Shirerithian-oriented one.