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|Lostisland, Federal Republic of || LD
|Lostisland, Federal Republic of || LD
|Meckelnburgh, Kingdom of || MB
|Mercury, Republic of || MR
|Mercury, Republic of || MR

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The Micras Organisation for Standardisation is an international organisation founded in Acquecalde, Sanama in 1680. Its stated goal is to promote worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. Adoption of its proposed standards is strictly voluntary. The organisation is incorporated as a non-profit under Sanaman law.

Proposed standards

MOS–1: Two-letter country codes

Country Code
Alduria, Republic of AL
Alperkin, Heavenlet of AP
Alriggian Republic AR
United Kingdom of Arcadia, the Beneluccas and the land of the Calbain AC
Batavia, Kingdom of BT
Birgeshir, Tsalojdom of BR
Caradia, Duchy of CD
Constancia, Imperial State of CN
Craitland, Kingdom of CR
Drak-Modan, Supreme Bovic Republic of DM
Elwynnese Republic EL
Florian Republic FL
Frankish Empire FR
Freeland, People's Republic of FD
Goëtia, Community of GT
Graustark, Principality of GR
Guttuli Protectorate GP
Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union HP
Inner Benacia, Republic of IB
Leng, Iron Cult of LN
Jääland JL
Jezeraah, Republic of JZ
Jingdaoese Empire JN
Juclandia, Kingdom of JC
Kalgachia, Garden of KL
Krasnocoria, Kingdom of KR
Leylstadt, Duchy of LS
Los Liberados, Republic of LL
Lostisland, Federal Republic of LD
Meckelnburgh, Kingdom of MB
Mercury, Republic of MR
Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation NT
Nijima, State of NJ
Nova England NV
Palesmenia, Confederation of PL
Phinbella, Federal Republic of PH
Holy Ralgon Empire RL
Ransenar, Kingdom of RN
Réunion, Holy Empire of RU
Democratic Federation of Sanama SM
Sanpantul, Empire of SP
Senya, Democratic Environmental Society of SN
Shireroth, Imperial Republic of SR
Suthergold and Norestria, Sovereign Confederation of SC
Stormark, High Realm of ST
Tellian Confederation TL
Thraci Confederation TH
Benacia, Unified Governorates of BN
Veronian Empire VR
Vi'Ix, Free State of VX
Wechua Nation WN

MOS–2: Three-letter country codes

MOS–3: Internet country top domains

Adopting nations