Micras Hockey League (league)

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Micras Hockey League
Current season or competition:
2014 MHL season
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2012
No. of teams 8
Founder Barnaby Hands

The Micras Hockey League (league) (commonly refered to as the MHL) is an intermicronational Ice Hockey league founded in 2012. The league is the top level of ice-hockey across Micras. The League also holds the MHL Cup and the MHL play-off series, alongside the MHL World Championships, an annual competition for national teams from all across Micras.


Current teams

1: Official short name, full name is Ice Hockey Club of the All-Lunatic County Figure Skating Troupe
2: Official short name, full name is Unified Ice Hockey Club of Mar Sara

Defunct teams


Season Winner Runner-up MHL Cup winner MHL play-off series winner score MHL play-off series runner-up Franchises
2013 New Qalani Senators Otaq Crescents Not held Not Held N/A Not Held 6
2014 (TBC)