Micras Basketball League (International Edition)

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Stadiosport Micras Basketball League (International Edition)
Current season or competition:
2017 Micras Basketball League
Official Logo
Sport Basketball
Founded 2017
Owner(s) Edwin Farrar
Commissioner Edwin Farrar
Inaugural season 2017
No. of teams TBC (club edition)
16 (international edition)
Nation(s) 16 countries
TV partner(s) Stadiosport
Sponsor(s) Stadiosport
Related competitions Micras Basketball Association
Founder Edwin Farrar
Domestic cup(s) MBL International Cup

The Micras Basketball League is a club and international team competition in Micras. They are two editions of the competition one being a club competition where the best basketball clubs in Micras compete in a competition similar to the Basketball Champions League. The international edition feature 14 national teams all across Micras competing for the coveted Micras Basketball World Champion. All 14 teams in the international will be split into conferences to reduce distance issues.


The Micras Basketball League (International Edition) was created on the 28th June by its founder, Edwin Farrar. Because of a lack of basketball being played in Micras, he decided to create a basketball competition for the whole of Micras and was supported by the majority of nations. He had plans to create a 14 team but due to popularity, it was raised to 16 teams with two conferences being created to reduce travelling. It signed a TV partnership with Stadiosport two days later and the sports channel will sponsor the competition funding ❂1 Billion for the operations of the league. On the 1st July 2017, it was announced that the league would start on the 8th July 2017.

Teams (International Edition)

West and Central Conference

South and East Conference

Media Coverage

The competition has signed a ❂1 billion deal with the Corian/Florian sports TV company Stadiosport. All matches will be broadcasted on all of its four channels.