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Islamitische Republiek Nieuw-Batavië

Welcome to the government website of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia, a Dutch speaking nation on Micras.

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New Batavia is a Dutch speaking interactive geofiction project based on the world of Micras. Interactive geofiction, often called "micronationalism", is a kind of internet-based game in which the different creators let their creations (in this case, their nations) interact with each other. This often means that different fictional countries on the same planet engage in diplomatic relations, trade, warfare, and so forth.

New Batavia is an Islamic Republic with a parliamentary form of government. De president is the ceremonial head-of-state. The government is headed by the Grand Vizier. Legislative power is vested in the Majlis-ash-Shoera. There is also an adivisory branch of government, vested in the Islamic Diwan.




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The June 2011 elections in the Islamic Internet Republic resulted in a stalemate, due to the deep rooted antagonism between Nihill Romez and Frans. Government formation was extremely difficult. Then head-of-state Sadr Saladin announced to go into exile on July 4th, 2011. He was followed by the resigning Grand Vizier, Xander, on July 6th, effectively establishing a Government-in-Exile, which kept the memory and the legacy of the nation alive, also via MicrasWiki.

The Government-in-Exile remained active for almost 10 years. All that time, it was lead by Sadr Saladin and several consecutive grand viziers. In 2013 the Government-in-Exile asked for sanctuary to the Republic of Mercury.

In the fall of 2020, the Government-in-Exile saw a rapid succession of Grand Viziers due to the Restoration Crisis within the IRP. The party was split into two wings on the question of whether and how to restore the Third Republic and resettle the lands on Micras.

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Featured picture

Historic signing of the Union of Utrecht in 1579

In 1579 AD the Union of Utrecht was signed, unifying several provinces in present day Belgium and the Netherlands in their fight against Habsburg Spain. The Union of Utrecht is often regarded as the founding document of the Dutch Republic and its first constitution.

In 2007 AD a micronational Union of Utrecht was drafted, creating the Virtual United Provinces, a predecessor of New Batavia. The document served as the nation's first constitution. The United Provinces' culture and politics were inspired by the historical Union.

This lithograph was made between 1782 and 1799 by Albertus Anthonius Nunnink. It depicts the taking of a solemn oath at the signing ceremony of the treaty and was also used on the original wiki of the Virtual United Provinces. It's part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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