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The Post-Chidao Troubles refers to a period in Jingdaoese history after the ascension of the Chidao Emperor to godhood (despite chidaoist claims that He already held power over other gods in His physical body). Prior to the Heavenly Light's perceived death, dozens of Chidaoist cults and movements had spread across the Empire. Those rivalled the official teachings of Tianchaodao, which recognised the Heavenly Light as mediator, but not necessarily as a god. Many of those branches, like Eschatological Chidaoism, predicted the end times, while other - more rational voices - were concerned about the existence of the Great Jing Dynasty itself.

Rumours about the Emperor's ascension to Heaven and His takeover of total power from all other gods began to spread in 1695 AN, when He disappeared while attending a religious ceremony at the Heavenly Palace at Daocheng. It marked the end of what was perceived as one of the most stable and prosperous eras of the Jingdaoese Empire. More...