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The Grand Army of Ransenar is the principal land warfare force of the Kingdom of Ransenar. As of 1674, the Grand Army comprised just over 191,563 trained regular (full-time) personnel and just over 56,000 trained reserve (part-time) personnel. From 1674 it, along with the forces of the Sovereign Confederation would form the core of the Eastern Banner Group of Benacia Command.

Beginning as a fraternal organisation composed of the membership of various militias cobbled together in the Goldshirian county of Ran in response to the Kalirion Fracture, the Grand Army would begin to receive logistical, material, technical, and training assistance from the Eastern Banner Group of Benacia Command during late 1673 AN, transitioning from a rustic rabble into a semi-professional light infantry force over the course of 1674, with mechanisation and professionalisation continuing as a twin-track ongoing programme over the subsequent years. More…