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The Emirate of Arbor (Arboric: إمارة أربور) is a sovereign nation in southeast Keltia. It is a hereditary monarchy consisting of three governorates separated by the Eastern Ocean. The capital is Al-Hamra, located on the largest island of the Arbor Isles.

The Emirate of Arbor pursues a strictly isolated policy. Access to the country is very limited. On an artificial island south of the capital, called ‘Jazirat 'Uwyastar’ (Arboric: جزيرة أويستر), there is an international port and airport. This is in fact the only gateway to the country. Any other way someone tries to enter the country is punishable by death.

The nation sees itself as a continuation of the earlier Kingdom of Amokolia and the Frankish Empire. Moreover, the population consists for the most part of fugitive citizens of Arcadia, Francia, Helderbourgh and Stormark. As a result, the country is multi-ethnic and multicultural, dominated by an ever-growing fusion of cultures into a common Arborish culture. This is expressed in a common language, Arboric, and conversion to a new religion, Craitism. More…