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The Kingdom of the Union of Caputia is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. The monarch is Queen Elizabeth I, who has reigned since the founding of the nation after the end of the Hammish Civil War.

The capital of the Caputia is Zalae, now the largest and most populous city in the country. Other major urban areas include San Luis, Petrynsk, Keybir-Aviv, Gotfriedplatz, and Monoviaville. Caputia is composed of ten states - Hamland, Bridgemoor (formerly Skjargorod), Wakefield (formerly Scottania and Petrynsk), Northpass (formerly Schoenland), Anglia and Israat, the Isles of Caputia (formerly the Lordship of the Isles), Haifa, San Luis, Monovia, and Neo Patrova. It also has a Royal District for its capital city, the Royal District of Zalae.

The largely uninhabited Elizabeth Isle in Eura is a Crown dependency with the Caputian Government directly responsible for its defense and international representation. Santa Melusina is also a Crown dependency, located in the island of Anterra. Elizabeth Isle and Santa Melusina were ceded to Hamland, Caputia's previous incarnation, by Passio-Corum in the Treaty of Bel-Air...


Alexandrian Patriots' Association

The Alexandrian Patriots' Association is the main and official organization aimed at assisting and connecting the Alexandrian disapora in Micras, maintaining two headquarters: the Natopian city of Tiamat and the Caputian city of Zalae.

It is led by the current Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians, Francis Joseph IV, and other Alexandrians appointed to its Council of State. Usually State Councillors are prominent members of the Alexandrian disapora such as members of the House of Carrillo, former political leaders and Alexandrian nobles. These are appointed by the Emperor.

The Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians is based in the Natopian city of Tiamat, and resides at the Imperial Residence. The Imperial Residence is the center of the Foundation and houses the Council of State. Much of the House of Carrillo lives in the Imperial Residence, and its surrounding neighborhoods house the many Alexandrian nobles, Foundation staff and Ambassadors, and former politicians that meet regularly at the Imperial Residence with the Emperor.

The largest concentration of the Alexandrian disapora is in the Natopia, where about 38,377,123 Alexandrians reside in Thalassa and Neridia. Other large concentrations of Alexandrians are in Caputia (3,218,877), Wechua (260,500) and Shireroth (98,459).

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The Caputian Community
The Caputian community has a national forum and a Discord server.

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Becoming a Caputian citizen involves applying for citizenship at the Caputian Office of Immigration and Naturalization.

To become a member of Parliament, you must be a citizen first and have claimed primary residence in a Caputian state (through the citizenship application), determine whether one will be an Independent member of Parliament or a member of one of the Caputian political parties. You can declare your party membership in this thread. Then take the Affirmation of Loyalty and declare your seat.

MONARCH: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen of all Caputians.
PRIME MINISTER: The Rt. Hon. Christophe Landry, MP.