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Klub Merku Kuregred
Krasnarus Kerul Dumič
Krasnarus Krasnarus
Krasnarusyn Super Liga

Klub Merku Kuregred (commonly referred to as Merku Kuregred) was a Krasnarusyn association football club based in the Sylvanian city of Kuregred. The team was founded in July 2017, and held open trials for players that same month. It participated in the Super Liga, which was the top division of football in Krasnarus.

It was also the most minority-friendly team, with about 50% of the players being from minority groups within Krasnarus.


Final 2020 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Krasnarus GK Kung Bobing
2 Krasnarus GK Jeroen van der Weid
3 Krasnarus DF Marco Ruticus
4 Krasnarus DF Tuméš Reličči
5 Krasnarus DF Jen Merfil
6 Krasnarus DF Mung Chaodeng
7 Krasnarus DF Merten Kuluv
8 Krasnarus DF Šemer Šutrič
9 Krasnarus DF Pevul Seduvske
10 Krasnarus MF Steneslev Rečkin
11 Krasnarus MF Mihajl Tosic
No. Position Player
12 Krasnarus MF Rislen Sumutuv
13 Krasnarus MF Evin Kelemen
14 Krasnarus MF Chester Leston
15 Krasnarus MF Gjurgi Krecék
16 Krasnarus MF Eric Herne
17 Krasnarus FW Merku Durmel
18 Krasnarus FW Matthias Čerdučkin
20 Krasnarus FW Elijah Stallsbury
21 Krasnarus FW Serzh Kardashyan

Notable former players