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Mercury national ice hockey team

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Mercury Mercury
Nickname(s) The Blizzard
Head coach Mercury Anthony Chapman
Captain Owen Fraser
Home stadium Mercury Ice Arena, Mercury (19,000)
MHL code MER
MHL ranking 3
Highest MHL ranking 1 (2018)
Lowest MHL ranking 13 (2013)
Team colours               
First international
Mercury Mercury 7–3 Nova England Nova England
(Mercury Ice Arena, Mercury, 18 Dec 2013)
2014 MHL World Championships qualification
Biggest win
Mercury Mercury 11–0 River Warriors River Warriors
(Port Barret Arena, Port Barret, 06 Apr 2014)
2014 MHL World Championships 'B' Conference
Biggest defeat
Mercury Mercury 0–3 Senya Senya
(Mercury Ice Arena, Mercury, 13 Jan 2018)
MHL World Championships
Appearances 4 (first in 2014)
Best result Winners (2019)

The Mercury national ice hockey team is the ice hockey team that represents Mercury.


The team was founded in 2013, and joined the MHL in time to compete in the 2013 MHL World Championships qualification tournament. Mercury finished in first place in the group, with two wins and two draws, securing promotion to the 'B' Conference for the 2014 edition. They were again successful in finishing top of the division, gaining a second successive promotion, to the 'A' Conference, and also qualifying for the play-offs, where they were defeated by Craitland after a shoot-out in their elimination quarter-final.

Mercury's first campaign in the top flight came after a three-year MHL hiatus, and saw them pick up 3 wins, including one in overtime, to finish third in the conference, again advancing to the play-offs, where they defeated River Warriors in the elimination quarter-final, before being knocked out by Birgeshir in overtime, although securing their first top-four finish in doing so.

The team again remained in the 'A' Conference for the 2018 season, winning three of their five group games to finish in second place, and securing a quarter-final place. The team again faltered in overtime for the third consecutive tournament, losing 3–2 to Nova English Korea. Their performance secured them automatic qualification to the 2018 Micras Games, where they won the group, picking up four wins from five, their only slip-up coming against Nova English Korea. Mercury knocked out Senya in the quarter-finals, with a 4–3 overtime win, before sweeping aside Gerenia 6–1 in the semi-finals, and eventually securing their first ever major title, with a 7–3 defeat of Birgeshir in the final.

In 2019, the team's good run of form continued in the World Championships, as once again, they finished second in the conference, winning five out of seven games in the process, and advanced to the quarter-finals. Mercury thrashed Lakkvia 7–3, before beating Birgeshir 1–0 in the semi-finals, setting up their first ever final, against two-time champions Senya, which they won 4–3, giving them their first MHL World Championships title.


The following players represented Mercury at the 2018 Micras Games.

No. Pos. Name Age Club
31 G Thomas Garnett (starting) 29 Mercury Nafferton Panthers
36 G Kevin Porter 31 Mercury Kuiper Jets
17 D Daniel Chambers 27 Mercury Nafferton Panthers
24 D Felix Hammond 21 Mercury Kuiper Jets
29 D Dennis Haagensen 30 Mercury Mercury Hornets
42 D Zac Kennedy (A) 27 Mercury Mercury Hornets
55 D Callum Black 23 Mercury Bisminster Battalion
68 D Robert Miller 26 Mercury Kincester Kraken
93 D Kian Barnes 19 Mercury Kuiper Jets
1 C Logan Shaw 20 Mercury Bisminster Battalion
2 LW Joseph Willis 25 Mercury Kuiper Jets
6 C Lars Thøgersen (A) 26 Mercury Mercury Hornets
9 RW Reg Weeks 28 Mercury Kuiper Jets
16 RW Johan Davidsen 24 Mercury Nafferton Panthers
20 LW Joseph Byrne 32 Mercury Tow Law Bears
71 C Owen Fraser (C) 31 Mercury Nafferton Panthers
82 LW Christopher Gardiner 28 Mercury Mercury Hornets
91 RW Sean Burton 22 Mercury Kuiper Jets
93 RW Ellis Reynolds 25 Mercury Mercury Hornets
99 LW Emery Vaughan 19 Mercury Kincester Kraken

Chronological competitive participation

Season Group stage Knock-out stages Position
Div Pld RW OTW OTL RL F A GD Pts Pos
2013 'B' Conference qualification 4 2 2 0 17 8 +9 8 1st 1st
2014 'B' Conference 5 3 2 0 29 13 +16 11 1st ↑ EQF: Craitland Craitland 3–4 SO 5th
2017 'A' Conference 5 2 1 0 2 5 4 +1 8 3rd EQF:
River Warriors River Warriors
Birgeshir Birgeshir
1–2 OT
2018 'A' Conference 5 3 0 0 2 14 10 +4 9 2nd QF: Nova English Korea Nova English Korea 2–3 SO 5th
Micras Games 5 4 0 0 1 20 10 +10 12 1st QF:
Senya Senya
Gerenia Gerenia
Birgeshir Birgeshir
4–3 OT
2019 'A' Conference 7 5 0 0 2 44 24 +20 15 2nd QF:
Lakkvia Lakkvia
Birgeshir Birgeshir
Senya Senya
2020 'A' Conference 5 4 0 0 1 24 10 +14 12 2nd QF:
Mar Sara Mar Sara
Floria Floria
Birgeshir Birgeshir
World Cup 3 0 1 1 1 13 14 −1 3[2] 3rd PO:
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea
Floria Floria

[2] - Two points awarded per regulation win instead of three.



Mercury has used the following flag during the entirety of its MHL affiliation: