Mercury in the Microvision Song Contest

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Mercury has participated in the Microvision Song Contest on two occasions, not including the Microvision Song Contest 2015. It was the first country to win the modern incarnation of the competition, with Queen's song Show Must Go On finishing first in the 2013 contest by a margin of eight points, taking a record four maximum scores in the process. In 2014, Mercury finished in fourth place.


Year Artist Song Pos. Maxes Pts.
2013 Queen Show Must Go On 1 4 37
2014 Queen Heaven for Everyone 4 0 32
2015 Queen Somebody to Love 5 3 56
2016 Missed deadline
2017 Queen Innuendo

Voting history

Year Points
10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
2013 Craitland Jingdao Flanders Shireroth Zeeburg Senya
2014 Jingdao Natopia Senya Austbard Craitland Flanders Høgmårk
2015 Franklin Islands Senya Høgmårk Amokolia Coria Vyktory Gong Craitland Natopia
2016 Missed deadline