Mercury League

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Mercury League
Countries Mercury Mercury
Confederation EMUFA
Founded 2010
First season 2011
Number of teams 54
Levels on pyramid 1-4
Relegation to MeFA Conference
Domestic cup(s) Mercury FA Cup
MeFA Minor Cup
International cup(s) EMUFA Champions' League
Current champions Cook Island FC
Most championships Tow Law FC (5)
2019 Mercury League

The Mercury League is the highest level football competition system in Mercury, consisting of four divisions. It was the only football league in Mercury between 2010 and 2011, run by the MeFA. The league involved six teams, each scheduled to play 20 games (four times against each team), however, after the third fixture was played, the fixture list was lost, meaning the league had to be cancelled. In 2011, it was announced that the league would be reformed as Mercury's second division, containing six teams playing ten games, with the top two teams being promoted to the Four Nations league.


The Mercury League was founded in 2010 with six teams. The season continued for three rounds of fixtures, before the fixture list was lost. The competition was replaced by a knockout cup for the remainder of the season.

In the second season, the clubs competing in the original Mercury League moved into the Four Nations league system, and were replaced by six new teams in the Mercury League. The competition was won by Mercury Armed Forces FC. In 2012, the league format underwent further changes. The teams that had broken off to join the Four Nations rejoined the Mercury League, forming the Premier League, with the remaining teams forming the Second League.

Inclusion of Nova English clubs

In 2013, the Mercury FA announced that the four highest ranked Nova English clubs would gain entry to the Mercury League. The Premier League was expanded to 12 teams, with the top four teams from the 2012 Second League being promoted. The Second League was expanded to 10 teams, with top two Nova English teams, and the top four teams from the 2012 Amateur League being promoted, and the Amateur League was rebraned as the Third League, also expanding to 10 teams.

2017 expansion

The Mercury League expanded once again for the 2017 season, adding in a new fourth division, as well as increasing the number of teams in each division except the Mercury Premier League from 10 to 14 teams.


Year Winners Runners-up Second League Third League Fourth League
2011 Mercury Armed Forces FC IJSC FC - - -
2012 Tow Law FC Dynamo Deacon Mercury City - -
2013 May Wanderers Tow Law FC West Grinstead FC Port Barret FC -
2014 Tow Law FC May Wanderers AFC Heartpool Made in Heaven -
2015 Tow Law FC Bohemian Rhapsodies Innuendo FC Breakthru FC -
2016 Tow Law FC Bohemian Rhapsodies Mullen Albion The Red Specials -
2017 Port Barret FC Tow Law FC Breakthru FC A Night at the Football Penbury Electric FC
2018 Tow Law FC Dynamo Deacon Taylor Sporting Club A Kind of Magic FC Henscar
2019 Cook Island FC Dynamo Deacon A Night at the Football One Vision Yorkwell Town

2018 Teams

Premier League

Second League

Third League

Fourth League