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Mercury Elite Hockey League

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Mercury Elite Hockey League
Countries Mercury Mercury
Craitland Craitland
Incontinentia Incontinentia
New Sussex New Sussex
New Vaduz New Vaduz
Nova England Nova England
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea
Senya Senya
Tellia Tellia
Founded 2016
First season 2016–17
Number of teams 24
League cup(s) Mercury Elite Hockey League play-offs
Current champions Nafferton Panthers
Most championships Bisminster Battalion (2)
2020–21 Mercury Elite Hockey League

The Mercury Elite Hockey League is the top-flight professional ice hockey competition in Mercury. It is considered by the MHL as a Tier 1 league. The league involves twenty-four teams, fifteen from Mercury, two from Nova English Korea and one from each of Craitland, Incontinentia, New Sussex, New Vaduz, Nova England, Senya and Tellia.


The MEHL was founded in 2016 with twelve teams. In 2018, the league expanded to 24 teams, with the inclusion of several new Mercurian teams, and the creation of the new International Conference, featuring six of the best foreign clubs from across Micras.


The twenty-four teams are split into four conferences, each featuring six teams. Teams play a 66-game season, playing every team in the league home-and-away, and an additional four fixtures against each of the other teams in their conference. The top two teams in each conference advances to the play-offs, along with the eight next best-ranked teams. The last 16 and quarter-finals are played over a best-of-five series, with the semi-finals and final being played over a best-of-seven series.


Current clubs

Club Conference Established City Stadium Capacity
Bisminster Battalion Northern 2016 Mercury Bisminster Bisminster Ice Coliseum 17,000
Castleton Vikings Central 2016 Mercury Castleton FK Centre 10,006
Clarkson Pirates Northern 2016 Mercury Clarkson MPower Arena 11,792
Craitish Cosmos International 2013 Craitland Biulya Nätiónähl Rink 14,000
Deacon Thunder Southern 2016 Mercury Deacon Deacon Exhibition Centre 6,250
Dyas Stiks International 2013 Senya Dyas Dyas Hockey Centre 22,000
Eastmoor Archers Central 2018 Mercury North Eastmoor Eastmoor Forum 5,900
Hanseong Stingrays Northern 2014 Nova English Korea Hanseong Hanseong Hockey Stadium 11,409
Harlby Hawks Southern 2018 Mercury Harlby Sherwood Hill Garden 7,950
Kincester Kraken Southern 2016 Mercury Kincester Marshall's Arena 12,802
Kuiper Jets Central 2016 Mercury Kuiper Kuiper Dome 13,000
Longstoke Lions Southern 2018 Mercury Longstoke Republic Bank Centre 8,665
Mercury Hornets Central 2014 Mercury Mercury Mercury Ice Arena 19,000
Nafferton Panthers Central 2016 Mercury Nafferton Nafferton Ice Arena 23,000
Newcastle Leopards International 2018 Nova England Newcastle-upon-Eastmoor
NV Devils International 2018 New Vaduz New Vaduz
PB Polar Bears Northern 2018 Nova English Korea Port Barret Port Barret Arena 14,250
Pelmanby Penguins Northern 2016 Mercury Pelmanby RedBet.mer Arena 9,200
Plennomorets Chetgavan International 2018 Incontinentia Chetgavan
Savona Sport International 2018 Tellia Savona Arena di Savona 9,550
Taylor Torpedoes Central 2018 Mercury Taylor Oracle Brewing Arena 9,500
Tow Law Bears Southern 2016 Mercury Tow Law Tow Law Indoor Arena 8,000
West Grinstead Wasps Southern 2016 New Sussex West Grinstead Monarch Media Arena 13,760
Whitby Warriors Northern 2018 Mercury Whitby Esk Valley Arena 7,500

Future clubs

Club Conference Established City Stadium Capacity
Fatehpur Sikri Buccaneers International 2019 Sanama Fatehpur Sikri FS Canton Arena 19,000
Talenore Pirates International 2019 Talenore Talenore TalCorp Arena 23,000
Vesüha Viikingid International 2021 Hurmu Vesüha
Bandine Bulls Western[1] 2021 Mercury Bandine
Moorshire Devils Western[2] 2021 Mercury Hull
Hayfield Hawks Western[3] 2021 Mercury Hayfield
Rothbrey Rhinos Western[4] 2021 Mercury Rothbrey
Stonebourg Scorpions Western[5] 2021 Mercury Stonebourg
HC Réal Livingston Western[6] 2019 Castilona New Livingston

^ – Conferences to be re-shuffled prior to 2021–22 season.


Season Regular season champions Play-off finals (single game)
Winners Score Runners-up
2016–17 Mercury Hornets Mercury Hornets 1 – 0 Nafferton Panthers
2017–18 Bisminster Battalion Bisminster Battalion 4 – 3 OT Mercury Hornets
2018–19 Bisminster Battalion Bisminster Battalion 6 – 1 Nafferton Panthers
2019–20 Nafferton Panthers Nafferton Panthers 5 – 4 OT Bisminster Battalion
2020–21 Nafferton Panthers Play-off finals (best of 7)
Nafferton Panthers 4 – 3 Bisminster Battalion