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Official language English
Capital Mercury
Largest cities Mercury, May, Taylor, Deacon, Tow Law
Forum Mercury
Number of citizens ~15 million
Number of active citizens 1
Date founded 17 October 2008
Government Presidential Republic
Current leader Joe Foxon
Currency Mercury Credit
National animal Chicken

Mercury is a micronation situated on mainland Keltia, situated in north-eastern Micras. Named after Freddie Mercury, its capital city, Mercury was originally the only city in the nation, hence the name being shared. There are four other major cities in mainland Mercury, each being the capitals of their respective states. They are May, Taylor, Deacon and Tow Law. Mercury also governs a number of autonomous territories, Lucerne, North Antarctica, Nova England, Nova English Korea and Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq.


Originally, the nation was founded on Earth, by Joe Foxon, on October 17th, 2008. This original incarnation was called Stigistan, and was governed as an absolute monarchy by Foxon. In it's day, Stigistan was one of the most influential micronations in it's sector. It started off a wave of copycat micronations, which included Danburnia, Tozland and Murrayfield.

All four micronations survived reasonably well, although by the end of 2009, only Murrayfield and Stigistan's successor Barrington survived. On January 13th, 2010, Barrington spread onto Micras, with a tiny claim in the north-eastern corner of Keltia. In July 2010, Murrayfield and Barrington merged to form the Republic of Wyke, and this was reflected in the modification made to Barrington's claim in October 2010.

In February 2011, Wyke became Mercury, a change complicated by political affairs in the nation. The situation was eventually clarified, and the claim accepted by the MCS. The city of Taylor was added in May 2011, then in July, May was added.

In August 2011, Mercury and Zealandia founded the IJSC Military Base in north-east Mercury, which later became the NSC when Zealandia's claim was removed by the MCS. In May 2012, Deacon was added. Nova England became part of Mercury in June 2012, in an effort to preserve its historic culture. Since then, a number of Antarctic claims have been made by Mercury, including Lucerne (claimed in 2011), North Antarctica and Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq (both claimed 2015).


Mercury is currently governed by President Foxon. A 280 seat Parliament acts as the legislature.

Foreign Relations

Mercury has official treaties with a number of nations on Micras. It also unofficially recognises all MCS member states.


Mercury's culture consists mainly of sport, and Mercury has the highest participation rate in the region. The national sport is football, which is governed by the Mercury FA. The highest football league in Mercury is the Mercury Premier League, with the Mercury Second League serving as the second division, and the Mercury Third League as the third division.

Mercury also take part in rugby league, and hosted the first Rugby League World Cup in 2012, in which they were narrowly defeated by Craitland in the final. The team defeated Hamland in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup final.

The Mercury national footby team has competed internationally at the 2012 Territories Cup, as did the ólbescból team, who also played in the first ever international ólbescból match, losing to Craitland 38–7.