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Mercurian Nova England is a Mercurian autonomous region in north-eastern Keltia.

Nova England

Nova England flag.png

Subdivision type: Autonomous Territory
Capital: West Grinstead
Population: {{{population}}}
Largest Cities: West Grinstead

Local Leadership Title: Governor
Local Government: Nova England Witan
Current leader: Vacant

Local language: English
Local Religion: Nova English Christianity


The foundation of Nova England was inspired by Danny Wallace's Lovely Project. Nova England's first online presence was through a forum created by King Josephus, after a failed attempt to attract Lovelian citizens. This early presence later became the basis of Nova England's culture. Originally, the forum attracted a mixture of English nationalists who shaped the nation towards its first cultural identity, based on Roman Britain. This was later developed to allow Anglo Saxon elements to be pushed into the culture, best reflected by the East Moorland English language, a bastardisation of Latin and Anglo Saxon. Nova England allied with another British based nation, New Britannia, during their early history, and the two nations shared very close relations with each other until New Britannia's death. Most of New Britannia's territory was transferred to Nova English rule.

During 2008, Nova England became an autonomous republic of Riponia to stave off worries of inactivity, however, shortly afterwards, a surge of activity came from separatists who wanted to reinstate an independent Nova England. Upon Riponia's death, Nova England once again became independent. Between then and 2010, Nova England followed an isolationist foreign policy, although increased activity since then has boosted trade and relations with other nations. Nova England died in 2012, but was revived as a Mercurian territory shortly afterwards.

Kingdom of Nova England

In 2013, the old Nova English government settled at Port Impregnable, reforming the Kingdom of Nova England. This territory was incorporated into the Dominion shortly afterwards.


Nova English politics was traditionally based on the British Constitutional Monarchy, however, early developments in Nova English culture created some clear differences. The Legislature was an elected body, known as the Witan, consisting of Exarches (Lords) and Witan Members. Legislation passed by the Witan was passed onto the Monarch for authorisation. Nova England never codified its constitution, instead using passed legislation as it's constitutional basis. Exarch Arcaviir passed the first piece of legislation in 2007, known as the Rule of Law, which set out the powers of the legislature.

Under Mercurian rule, Nova England elects 40 Members to the 240 seat Mercurian Parliament, as well as electing its own Nova England Witan consisting of 150 members.


Mainland Nova England is located on north-eastern Keltia.


An Old Army Recruitment Poster. Circa 2008.

Nova England has, since it's inception, been based on English culture. The nation explored a mixture of historical English cultures, ranging from Roman Britain to modern times. Nova England had developed its culture since King John I, who historically was the first Monarch to unite the Nova English tribes following his expulsion from West Grinstead by rival Lords. Many Nova English citizens hold nationalistic views, believing in upholding Christian values within the nation. Nova English Christianity is based on the Bible and the Book of The Holy Lance, a book explaining Nova England's introduction and integration into Christianity.