Meiyo-class vehicle cargo ship

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Meiyo-class vehicle cargo ship
Meiyo-class vehicle cargo ship.jpg
Type: Vehicle cargo ship
Place of origin: Jingdao

In service: 1657 AN - present
Used by:
Flag Jingdao.png
Jingdaoese Empire
In service: 4

Designed: 1652 - 1657
Manufacturer: Logo Sokoku Industries.pngSokoku Industries

Displacement: 55,350 tons
Length: 289.4 m
Beam: 32m
Draught: 11m
Speed: 35+ knots
Complement: 45 civilians, 11 military technicians

The Meiyo-class vehicle cargo ship are fast cargo ships used by the Imperial Jingdaoese Navy, capable of speeds in excess of 35 knots. It was named after the Meiyo Emperor.

Original designs were drawn in 1652 AN, right before the onset of the War of Lost Brothers, and were stalled in favour of other war efforts till 1657 AN. Between 1657 and 1658 AN four cargo ships were purchased against a cheap price (as naval trade had plummeted and extra financial troubles made an economic boom very unlikely) and reconstructed for military purposes. The conversion entailed the installation of four cranes, addition of roll on and roll off capability and a redesign of the cargo hold to better facilitate storage of vehicles.