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May is the capital of the state of May, in the country of Mercury. It is in the North of the country.


The city of May elects 21 members to the Mercury Parliament. The current mayor of May is Amy Petril. Mayors serve three year terms, and are elected two years after the City Council which has 100 members. No local elections are held in years divisible by 3.

Wyke Square

Wyke Square is situated at the centre of May, with the large Champions Complex, the main shopping centre, leading off from the east side of the square. The bus station, with its iconic glass birdswing roof, is situated to the north of the square, and hotels and restaurants are found to the west and south. At the square's centre is a large mosaic of the iconic 'Red Special' guitar, favourite of the Queen guitarist Brian May, after whom the state and the town is named.

Champions Complex

The Champions Complex shopping centre is the largest in the state, containing over 300 stores selling a variety of wares. The three story complex contains well know stores, such as Miranda's, the famous jewellers specialising in Emeralds, that make stunning and eyecatching pieces favoured by many across the nation, and also the flagship store of the boutique Length fashion chain, popularisers of feature headwear.

Transport in May

Latham Station

Designed by the famous architect from the nearby city of Hammond, Reanna Latham, the station's feature roof is cleaned every other day by a team of dedicated caretakers, keen to avoid the many birds whose wings the roof's shape mimics from dirtying the magnificent feature, which on clear days frames beautifully a fantastic blue sky, or, on occasion, the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, which may sometimes be seen at this latitude. The CityBus company sponsors The Red Specials football club, and gives its name to their stadium. Bus services run regularly around the city, and to the other cities and outlying towns in the state, as well as an express service to the city of Taylor every hour.

May City Airport

The May City Airport is the only airport in the state of May, and is in the North of the capital, accessible by the D1, or North Mercury Direct, and by a regular free bus service. Flights run regularly between state capitals and the rest of Micras.

Black Queen Railway Station

Trains run regularly through the capital, and its single station, Black Queen Railway Station, named after President Foxon's private train, the jet-black Black Queen, which was built in the area. The station is linked with the White Queen Railway Station in city of Hammond, where the railway line begins. A chess-board patterned floor runs throughout, and local artists have donated pieces to both stations to show off their work. Trains run from the city of Hammond through to May regularly, and then a direct train runs from there on to the city of Taylor, with a branch line taking a more circuitous route through the villages.


The two major roads in the state of May both run through the capital. The E1, the only Expressway in the state, which runs directly from the city of Taylor to the city of May, and then onwards north into the land beyond Mercury. The D1, or North Mercury Direct, runs approximately perpendicular to this, spanning the breadth, rather than the length of the state.