Matthieu Poitiers

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Matthieu Poitiers is a senior politician from the province of San Martin (see merger between Asuncion and Puerto Nuevo). He's served as a two-term Prime Minister of the Empire of the Alexandrians. His first term is known due to the historic landslide win over the Catholic Monarchist Party (CMP). Due to his hard work and dedication His Imperial Majesty bestowed unto him the title of Duke of San Sebastian.

Matthieu began as the Mayor of New San Juan (now San Sebastian), then catapulted himself to representative of Puerto Nuevo after the provinces were reformed. He helped to establish the Alexandrian Conservative Party where he served as Vice-Chairman and later as Chairman. Matthieu holds the conservative value and Alexandria close to his heart.

Preceded by:
Position did not exist constitutionally.
Prime Minister of the Empire
October 2005–June 2006.
Succeeded by
Jose Frias.
Preceded by:
Claude Peterson.
Member of Parliamen from Puerto Nuevo
June 2006–Current.
Succeeded by