Marriage contract between Kaiseress Noor and King Noah of Elwynn

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The following document is a transcript of the marriage contract between Kaiseress Noor and King Noah of Elwynn that was signed on the day of their marriage.

Note: It does not accurately follow the formatting of the original. Notes have also been included in italics where necessary.

Test of the Contract

Marriage Contract between His Riverine Majesty Thorstein Noah of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja, King of Elwynn, Imperial Chieftain of Thule, King of Amokolia, Prince of Arietta, Arvjarl of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms, Storjarl of Stormark, Lord Imperial on All Continents, Prince of Natopia, Lord of the Two Sacred Rivers and the Twelve Peoples, Duke of Froyalan, Duke of Northshire, Duke of the Lady Esther Isles, Býurgreifi of Eliria, Jarl and Grand Elector of Jorvik, Jarl of Bernicia, Llængjarl of Elwynn, Baron of the Fórntida Kærleikalanden, Baron of the Elw, Baron of Opplysta Smørvirket, Count of Araxion, Count of Cimmeria, Count Shishin, Count of Storborg, Count of Wintergleam, Warden of the Flower of the North, Blood-Unifier of the Jewel of Many Facets, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings, Chief, Head and Patriarch of the House of Orchids (hereafter in this marriage contract to be referred to "King Noah") and Her Imperial Highness The Lady Noor bint Daniyal Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati, Grand Duchess of Goldshire, Emira of Sathrati, Marchioness of Zy-Rodun, Emira of Alalehzamin and Utasia, Lady of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings (hereafter in this marriage contract to be referred to "Grand Duchess Noor").

Let Our Family, Friends, and the World witness that on the twenty-eigth day of Valaheim of the fifteenth year of the Second Viking Age corresponding to the twentieth day of Laemill of the one-thousand six-hundred and thirty-third year after the passing of our Emperor Norton, four-thousand eight-hundred and fourteen units of time since the foundation of the Kingdom of Craitland, being in the fifty-third year of Craitland, at Cashma House in Lake Cashma the Most Sacred Covenant of Marriage was entered into between Us, King Noah and Grand Duchess Noor.

Surrounded by Family and Friends, We Affirm Our Commitment to Each Other as Husband and Wife.

Our Lives are now forever intertwined. We will celebrate all of the Passages of Life together with Joy and Reverence.

In Times of Happiness We will cherish Each Other, and in Times of Trouble We will protect Each Other.

Our Home will be a Place filled with Warmth and Light, shared freely with all who dwell there.

We willingly enter into this Covenant of Companionship and Love; from this Day forward, we are as One.


  1. The Grand Duchess Noor and King Noah may use each other's titles as courtesy titles save for:
    1. The title of Emir of Sathrati, which, by tradition, cannot be shared as a courtesy from a woman to a man, and King Noah may instead use the Shirerithian correspondent of Imperial Prince of Shireroth;
    2. The title of Blood-Unifier of the Jewel of Many Facets, which, by tradition, cannot be shared as a courtesy with one's spouse, and Grand Duchess Noor may instead use the title of Royal Consort Mortal of the Blood-Unifier of the Jewel of Many Facets;
    3. The titles pertaining to the membership of the Imperial Branch of the House of Ettlinagar Freyu which, in accordance of the Pact of Flóðhǫll, cannot be shared as a courtesy with one's spouse, and Grand Duchess Noor shall, in accordance with the Letter of Guarantees from His Imperial and Royal Majesty the High King of Stormark, be given such Imperial Titles of her own.
  2. In jurisdictions where surnames/dynastic names are used, we willl adopt the surname of "Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati af Ettlingum Freyu" and in the High Realm of Stormark, as well as other places with similar laws and customs, we will adopt "of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and the Descendants of Freyja" as suffix.
  3. The names or rights of the children of the Grand Duchess Noor which were born prior to our union will not be changed.
  4. By mutual agreement, we may elect to change the aforesaid in the future depending on the circumstances of that day.


Immediately after the instance of us becoming husband and wife, the children of the Grand Duchess Noor which were born prior to our union shall, as sons of a Queen of Elwynn and a former sovereign Prince of Elwynn, become and be members of the House of Orchids with all the titles rights and privileges appertaining to that status royal.

The children that this article refers to were Prince Adam, Prince Aldin, Prince Arn, and Prince Rostam.


The property acquired by us before our union will be our respective individual property, in accordance with law. All property acquired by either of us during the marriage will, unless we agree otherwise, be our shared property.


We will establish common households, the addresses of which shall be in Ardashirshahr, Eliria, Goldshire Hamlet, Haraldsborg, and Lindström. Our children, whether those for us only one of us is parent or for the ones that both of us may be parents to, current as well as future, will be treated in the same way by us, regardless of whether that child is the child of both of us or of only one of us. The right of the children not having both of us as parents to claim rights with regard to their other parent will not be infringed by us. We will protect their interests.


Neither of us, nor any of the children born prior to this marriage, shall be forced to take part of any other religious ceremony which is inconsistent with current faith and customs of worship or to swear oaths which appeal to the divine through other gods. We allow the children to continue to be raised in their current faith and customs of worship and solemnly declare not ever to interfere in matters of their faith and customs of worship.

Religious freedom for Princes Aldin, Adam, Arn and Rostam.


Our future children will be raised in the Hurmudanic Faith while also receiving extensive knowledge of the faiths of their parents and shall upon adulthood be free to profess the faith of their own choosing.

Esther and Vilhjalm, born of this marriage, were supposed to be raised in the faith of Hurmu, but immediately upon majority chose the Froyalanish faith


Upon the death of either of us, the estate of that one, consisting of the whole individual property and half of the shared, will be divided this: one half of the total to the children (or in their absence, grandchildren, and so on) and one half to the surviving one of us. We declare that any will or testament inconsistent with this contract must be held null and void in so far that that the inconsistency would show. Our respective titles will be inherited according to tradition and law.

Should any one of us die before the children reaching majority, we vow to bring the said children up as if they were our own, regardless of whether we are their parent or not.

Upon Noor's death, her assets, consisting of all of her individual private property (i.e. not the property associated with being Kaiseress or Queen of Goldshire) and half of her shared property with Noah, in Shireroth and Natopia, were divided in accordance to this article in this manner:
1. One half to King Noah (but see below)
2. Rostam's and Arn's shares, because they had predeceased her, were first divided in two. One pot was distributed among the children of Nathaniel (i.e. Adam and Aldin), and the other between all children of Noor (i.e. all remaining four). Then, because Adam had died after Noor, he would have inherited his share from her, but then his share was inherited by his only son, Vidar. As such, Vidar and Aldin received in total a 100/689 share each (approx. 14.51%), and Esther and Vilhjalm 41/391 each (approx. 10.49%).
3. Upon the Auspicious Occasion, Noah was for the purposes of imperial law, dead, and the assets he inherited from Noor were distributed with one half to each of his children. Vilhjalm renounced his share upon becoming a loyal subject, thus his sister now owns Noah's entire share after Noor's death. Her share of the total is therefore 555/782 (approx. 70.92%). These assets were sold, at market value, in her name for the government upon the annulment of her parents' marriage, and the money from it held in trust in a bank account under the name "Esther Fatima Gudrid Esposito" at Anzarolexion in Shirekeep.


Neither of us shall take any other spouse nor adopt any individual during our marriage without the prior consent of zir spouse mortal. This Article shall not apply to Divine Sacred Spouses taken under the Storish and Froyalanish Hierogamy.

By this article, Noor consents to Noah's purported marriages with the Lady Elwynn.


Neither of us shall engage into extramarital relations unless by mutual decision. This Article shall not apply to sexual relations with Ladies Divine under the Storish and Froyalanish Hierogamies.

By this article, Noor consents to her husband having sex with the person playing Lady Elwynn in the Froyalanish sexual rites.


Our marriage will only be dissolved prior to the death of one of us if dissolved under the Law of the High Realm of Stormark. The one of us wishing to file for divorce shall inform the other of this intention, and if following three Elw years of negotiation and attempts at reconciliation, a divorce is still sought, a filing may be performed according to Storish Law. Upon dissolution of marriage, our shared property shall be be divided with one half going to each of us and each spouse's individual property shall remain individual.

Under Storish law, the marriage was dissolved upon Noor's death. Under Shirerithian law, it was annulled, having never legally taken place.


As an appreciation to each other and as a symbol of our union, we give each other gifts. I, Grand Duchess Noor, give unto my husband the County of Elsenar and a red traditional Hurmu cape made from the wool of a dragon, and I, King Noah, give unto my wife the County of Cape Farewell as well as a Valtian gold and silver-mounted aquamarine and diamond pendant brooch, and a Valtian girdle with coins and medallions.


This Contract, witnessed by the officiant of the wedding, Sir Vilhjálm Kormak, and by Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson, Princess Fjǫrleif of Amokolia, Emperor Naian of the Natopians, Prince Audun Joel of Araxion, Count Thingfrith Skullsplitter of Agnesia and Wintergleam, and King Craitman H. Pellegrino of Craitland, is followed by a Letter of Guarantees by His Imperial and Royal Majesty the High King of Stormark.


In witness whereof, we, Husband and Wife, along with our witnesses, have signed, on our honour, in the name of all things sacred.