Maria Kość

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Maria Kość

Full Name: Maria Geertruida Kość
Alias Kośćmonauta


Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: South-Cibolan Saxon
Hair Color and Style: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Light

Biographical Information

Father: Michał Kość
Mother: Magdalena van Nederburg
Date of Birth: 1658
Place of Birth: Oudstad
Date of Death: /
Place of Death: /
Residence(s): Driftwood
Nationality: Alriggian
Allegiance(s): Alrig
Occupation: Cosmonaut

Maria Kość is an Alriggian cosmonaut and celebrity. Her father, Michał Kość is considered to be one of the seven Founding fathers of Alrig.