1634 Assembly Elections (Jingdao)

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1634 Assembly Elections
Jingdao flag old.png
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All 391 seats to the Imperial Assembly
196 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Joseph Myksos.jpg Lorenzo di Focanzo Montini.jpg Giacomo Contarini.jpg
Leader Joseph Windsor Lorenzo di Focanzo Montini Giacomo Contarini
Party National-Centrist Party United Jingdaoese Populist Party Partito Populare di Tyrenia
Leader's seat Keizerswaarde, Batavia Tyrenia Tyrenia
Seats won 248 138 3
Seat change 69 57 =
Popular vote 19,133,525 14,463,291 2,980,835
Percentage 63,40% 35,30% 0,80%

Fourth party
  Walter Poldark.png
Leader Walter Poldark
Party Liberal Trade Alliance

Seats won 2
Seat change 2
Popular vote 1,876,677
Percentage 0,50%

March 2016 elections.png

Turnout: 39,016,161 voters

Chancellor before election

Haderik Widukund (N-CP)

Subsequent Chancellor

Joseph Myksos (N-CP)

The 1634 Assembly Elections (March 2016 Assembly Elections) were the second democratic elections held in the Jingdaoese Empire since its establishment. They found place on 24.09.1634 AN. Two major parties ran for office: the National-Centrist Party of the Rising Sun (Jingdaoese nationalists) and the United Jingdaoese Populist Party (populists / regionalists). The National Republican Party of Norfolk, Liberal Trade Alliance and Partito Populare di Tyrenia participated as well, but in coalition with the major parties and stayed local.

Government Formation


March 2016 elections diagram.svg
Party logo Party name Leader Ideology Colours % of the total votes % of the total seats Seat change Seats in March 2016
NCP logo.png National-Centrist Party of the Rising Sun Joseph Myksos Jingdaoese Nationalism, market centralism, militarism, Emperor Worship Dark red 49,04% 63,4% +69
248 / 391
UJPP logo.png United Jingdaoese Populist Party Lorenzo di Focanzo Montini Regionalism, Big Tent Light blue 37,07% 35,3% +57
138 / 391
PPT logo.png Partito Populare di Tyrenia Giacomo Contarini Regionalism, Big Tent Light blue 7,64% 0,8% =
3 / 391
LTA logo.png Liberal Trade Alliance Walter Poldark Liberalism Grey 4,81% 0,5% New
2 / 391
NRP logo.png National Republican Party of Norfolk Franklin Ross Jingdaoese Nationalism, protectionism, militarism Red 1,44% 0% -3
0 / 391

Each State is worth a certain amount of seats. This explains why the % of received votes does not necessarily result in the same % of seats.


  • Election ballot March 2016 [1]

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