Mar Sara-Mar-Asara

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Mar Sara-Mar-Asara Cooperative
[[|125px|Flag of Mar Sara-Mar-Asara|frameless]]
[[|85px|Coat of Arms of Mar Sara-Mar-Asara|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
[[|250px|Location of Mar Sara-Mar-Asara|frameless]]
Map versions
Capital Asara Eliana and Augustgrad
Largest city Sileni
Official language(s)
Official religion(s)
Demonym Mar-Asaran
 - Adjective Mar-Asaran
 - None
 - Legislature
 - Ranked {{{agerank}}}
Abbreviation Official: MMC
Unofficial: MSMAC

The Mar Sara-Mar-Asara Cooperative is a demesne union of Mar Sara and Two Martyrs. These two demesnes are grouped together primarily under geographic convenience. The island of Mar Sara is currently governed by an Order-in-Council, and is jointly administered by the Emperor's Secretary for Defense and the Chancellor's Minister of Security. Two Martyrs is governed by the Kingdom of Normark. A common government for the demesne union has not been established, and both demesnes continue to operate independently, albeit with increased trade.