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Flag of Lemuria
The Confederate Rianates of Lemuria (formerly Empire of) was the most recent nation in the long line of SanderNations. It had a varied history. Formed after the fall of the second incarnation of Feianova, it joined the Grand Commonwealth upon its formation in 2005. On February 1, 2006 Lemuria seceded from the Grand Commonwealth, being the first nation to do so. This secession was followed up on February 2nd by the shocking news that the Ramu of Lemuria had been assassinated by radical Lemurians unhappy at Lemuria leaving the Commonwealth. The nation descended into anarchy, where it was split into three fragments, Táixxarin, Réixavin and Rechain. Nine Hundred Years later (6th February 2006), the three Ramus of the seperate divisions united to reform the Lemurian nation as the Confederate Rianates of Lemuria. Lemuria is perhaps best remembered for its remarkable ConLang, Lembrin, which used a Latin alphabet with many extra letters (most of Greek origin) and was used extensively in government documents and publicity for the micronation. More...

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