Madison Isles

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Madison Isles
Madison isle.png

Total Area: 242,000 km²
Area of major landmass: 180,000 km²
Population: Unknown
Date founded: {{{date_founded}}}
Countries: Batavia, Mercury, Nova England
Dependencies: N/A
Languages: Madison Isle Batavian, Britannic Istvanistani
Largest Cities: Charlotteburg, Montfort

The Madison Isles, or known as Madison Eilanden by the Batavians, are a small archipelago in the east of Micras.

Origins and Etymology

The Madison Isles were added in Series Three along with the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere. Like most Eastern Hemisphere islands, they are named after a famous past micronationalist - in this case, Ben Madison, former king of Talossa. With Madison's reputation, their name is hardly something to be proud of. Oddly, on the first few maps including the Isles, only two islands exist. The others seem to have been added by Delvenus, in a flagrant contradiction of usual MCS rules.


The islands are located slightly to the south of the northern ice cap, in the Great Western Sea between the continents of Keltia and Benacia. The island group consists of one large island with six smaller islands or islets visible on the map of Micras.


The first occupant of these isles was Delvenus, a fanatically neutral state nevertheless usually considered a puppet of Shireroth. Because of its neutrality (cynics would say because of its subservience to Shireroth) it was the second location to be used by the MCS as a base in the days before the Society had its own forum, and is still very much associated with its role as a center of cartography. Delvenus was gone by Series Eight; Aryez briefly colonized it in Series Nine. The islands then become home to New Britannia for an extended period, during which time they were referred to as the Britannic Home Islands. The Britannic period of the islands' history features prominently in the history of the South Sea Islands.

Today the islands are divided among Batavia, Mercury and Nova England.