MCS vote on adopting a new Charter

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MCS member states' vote on the motion to Adopt a new Charter.
Date raised 17 June 2020
Date passed 18 June 2020
Voting summary 24 voted for
1 voted against
6 abstained
13 absent
Result Motion adopted
Subject Charter of the Micronational Cartography Society
Forum link "MCS vote on adopting the new Charter"


Member Vote
Alduria Alduria In favour
Alrig Alrig In favour
Batavia Batavia In favour
Constancia Constancia In favour
Craitland Craitland In favour
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan In favour
Elwynn Elwynn In favour
Floria Floria Abstain
Goetia Goetia In favour
Jingdao Jingdao In favour
Jääland Jääland Abstain
Kalgachia Kalgachia In favour
Leylstadt Leylstadt In favour
Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh In favour
Mercury Mercury In favour
Natopia Natopia In favour
Palesmenia Palesmenia In favour
Phinbella Phinbella Abstain
Ralgon Ralgon Abstain
Ransenar Ransenar In favour
Sanama Sanama In favour
Sanpantul Sanpantul Abstain
Senya Senya In favour
Shireroth Shireroth In favour
Tellia Tellia In favour
Thraci Confederation Thraci Confederation Abstain
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates In favour
United Benacian Republic United Benacian Republic In favour
United Isles United Isles In favour
Wechua Wechua In favour
West Amokolia West Amokolia Against