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The MBF Micras Rankings are the official ranking system used by the MBF. Since it's introduction in late 2018, MBF ranks men's and women's teams in senior competitions.

Calculation principles

The ratings are based on the following formulae:

Pn = Po + Vm + Cw + Rw - Pd
Pn = The new team rating
Po = The old team rating
Vm = Victory margin
Cw = Competition weight
Rw = Round weight
Pd = Points downgrade

Victory margin

Each game is initially valued at 100 basis points, divided between the two teams as follows:

Victory margin Points to winner Points to loser
Less than 10 points 60 40
10–19 points 70 30
20 or more points 80 20
Forfeit 100 0

Competition weight

Event Weight
MBF World Cup 20
Micras Games 20
MBF World Cup qualification 10
Micras Games qualification 10
Minor tournaments 5
Friendlies 2.5

Round weight

Round Weight
Friendly 0
Qualification 2.5
Group stage 10
Round of 16 15
Quarterfinals 20
Semifinals 25
Final 30

Points downgrade

  • Points are downgraded by 40% if the match was played in the last 12 months
  • Points are downgraded by 60% if the match was played in the last 24 months
  • Points are downgraded by 80% if the match was played in the last 36 months
  • Points are not counted if the match was played in the last 48 months

Additional points

The additional points aren't included in formula but are allocated to teams who are hosting major tournaments and aren't participating in qualifications. They were first implemented in August 2018, when Birgeshir hosted the inaugural MBF World Cup.

Men's standings

Current standings

Historical standings

Top 10 as of 1 March 2018
Rank Team Points
1 Jingdao Jingdao 350
2 Caputia Caputia 310
Hoenn Hoenn
4 Mercury Mercury 300
Itavr Itavr
6 Nova English Korea Nova English Korea 290
7 Craitland Craitland 280
8 Bayen Bayen 270
9 Senya Senya 260
10 Nova England Nova England 250

List of men's rankings-leading teams

Start Date Nation # of days
7 February 2018 Bayen Bayen 7
14 February 2018 Jingdao Jingdao 21

Deceased nation's end men's ratings