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Lukedu is the second of the three known moons of Chrysos.

Radio Anomolies

In 35.19 PSSC, researchers working for the New Zimian Space Exploration and Settlement Agency reported that they had begun to detect unusual radio signals being emitted from the immediate vicinity of Lukedu. To date, the signals - which since their initial detection have been documented by researchers around the globe, and which can be heard below - remain unexplained.

Lukedu Radio Signal

Orbital characteristics
Mass (Kg) 1.07E+23
Radius (Km) 1,567
Solar Day (h) 27.9
Orbital Period (days) 4.45
Semi-Major Axis (Km) 716,855(km)
Periapsis (AU) .004
Apoapsis (AU) .005
Albedo .44
Surface Temperature (K) 166
Surface Gravity (m/s^2) 2.91
Axial Tile (degrees) .9
Inclination (degrees) 0
Orbital Speed (Km/s) 29
Satellites None