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Originally established in the early 750s WG, the city of Lucien is home to almost 10% of all New Zimians. In addition, the city is home to the nation’s government, central bank, and national military. From their chambers in the heart of Lucinspire, in the center of the city, the nation’s monarch serves in the role as the supreme overseer of the New Zimian government. Everything which happens outside of the modest castle occurs at their discretion; their word is the supreme law of the land, and their way goes. From the transactions constantly being made in Wallis Square, to the properties being leased to new renters, even to the arrests which are and are not being made, the monarch has a hand in all matters of the state. This is a fact the residents of the capital are reminded of every time they look towards the center of the city, where stands Lucinspire, proudly and powerfully.

Of the city’s several million residents, roughly two-thirds are second or third generation immigrants from the Commonwealth of Hamland. One quarter are Haifan immigrants, while 5% are Haifan immigrants of Afrikaanian or North Antarctican origin. In addition, the country-side around the city is home to a small population of ethnic Frazenlanders who once traded in the now ruined city of Edge, but who now till the land to earn a meager living. The majority of residents are employed by either the government, the central bank, or the military, though the New Zimia Stock Fund also has a significant presence here, as does Trans-Corum Railways, and Trans-Pallisican Airways.