Lucerne by-election, 2012

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The Lucerne by-election of 2012 was held in December 2012 to elect the Lucian representatives to the Mercurian Parliament. The election was held in the Fono le Lusa by the councillors elected in the 2012 Fili le Fono.


This was the first election in Lucerne since it was incorporated into Mercury. Only Lucian parties contested the election.



Political party Leader Candidates Votes Elected % of votes % of seats
Faatasi le Nuu Suivai Umataua 2 38 2 95.0 100.0
Matamau'ia Atoa Manau'a 2 2 0 5.0 0.0
Total 4 40 2 Turnout 100.0%

Preceded by:
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